It may have been leaked back in 2018, but Vittoria has formally launched their latest mountain bike tire. Called the Agarro, the newest trail tire is meant for those looking for an aggressive tread pattern but without the full heft of an enduro casing.

Vittoria adds Agarro Trail tire for those who want to get aggro without the weight

All photos provided by Vittoria

Borrowing some design elements from Vittoria’s Materllo, Barzo, and Gato tires, the Agarro includes their progressive sipe-width technology from the Martello in a blocky paddle array. Vittoria claims that this results in a tire with directional flex at the effective edge for grip in all conditions. Instead of a ramped profile, the front edges of the largest center knobs are steped to act as a ramp when rolling and provide better grip when climbing.

Vittoria adds Agarro Trail tire for those who want to get aggro without the weight

Using their tubeless ready Trail casing, the tire is said to be lighter than similar enduro tires, though actual weights aren’t yet available, Vittoria’s website was down at the time of writing, but has since been updated with a weight chart for the tires. These come in at a respectable 850-970g depending on the size. An e-bike compatible tire will be available which includes APF inserts and sidewall protection, while four separate Graphene 2.0 compounds are used in the 4C rubber layup.

Vittoria adds Agarro Trail tire for those who want to get aggro without the weight

Initially, the tires will be offered in 27.5 x 2.35″, 29 x 2.35″, 27.5 x 2.6″, and 29 x 2.6″ widths. Retail price is listed at €62,95, no word on U.S. pricing just yet.


  1. Marc L on

    I’m excited to try these- would love to try a 29×2.6/2.3 combo. I stepped away from Vittoria for a bit but after developing wobbly casings on otherwise good tires, it may be time to come home.

    Looks like US$69.95 and 850-950g for the 2.3s on the US website, not much heavier for the 2.6es.

  2. GreenPlease on

    I too am excited to try one of these… perhaps with a Barzo rear. I have a pair of Mezcal tires on my XC bike that roll very fast and have held up well.

  3. DingDang on

    Was excited for this tire, like many others from Vittoria but was disappointed when I viewed the actual size. As with many of their 2.35 tires, the ETRTO size is 57-622. Which means it is going to fit more like a 2.2.

    Vittoria needs to really straighten out their sizing, because it is all over the map.

      • Marc on

        Casing or tread width? I’m on a Agarro 2.35 that measures 2.33 casing/2.29 tread on I27 wheels after few weeks. Im thinking about a Martello 2.35 for front .. thanks


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