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Tour de France-Winning Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed TT Tire Finally Available for the Masses

Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed Tire TDF TT
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The all-new (to us) Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed completes the revamped Vittoria Corsa range. This time trial and Triathlonspecific tire will raise speed expectations and comfort on the bike.

Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed Tire TT TDF
(All photos / Vittoria)

Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed – What is it? 

The Corsa PRO Speed is the newest addition to the Vittoria Corsa tire family. It is designed specifically for maximizing performance in time trials and triathlons. It’s the exact tire Jonas Vingegaard rode to victory in the Stage 16 Time Trial at the 2023 Tour de France. The same applies to Wout van Aert’s Belgian National Time Trial victory or Jos van Emden’s Dutch National Time Trial win. They were all using the unreleased Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed. 

Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed Tire TT Tires

What makes it different from the Corsa Control? 

As far as the compound goes, the new Corsa PRO Speed uses graphene + silica technology, the same as the Corsa PRO Control. Where it differs is the formulation; the new Corsa PRO Speed is specifically designed for the intended TT use.

What does that mean? Mostly, it means maximizing speed, providing a very high grip on wet services, and confident cornering in the TT position. 

What’s the Tread Like? 

The tread (or lack thereof) differs from the Corsa PRO Control, but the PRO Speed employs some of the same features. The more expansive center slick area cuts down rolling resistance compared to the slight tread on the PRO Control.

The tread has slight grooves on the shoulders to help with cornering grip. Like the PRO Control model, the tread fades into the casing. This faded tread allows for a seamless bonding between the edge of the tire tread and the cotton casing. 

Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed Tire tech

Speaking on bonding, Vittoria states they use the same electrical curing process on the Corsa PRO Speed they do on the other Corsa PRO tires. The tread is applied on the uncured casing; then the whole tire is cured to achieve the same seamless construction as in Corsa PRO and Corsa PRO Control.

Is There Any Flat Protection? 

No… not really; the overall tread thickness is lower than Corsa PRO and comparable to the previous Corsa Speed in the center.

Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed Tire TDF mountains

How Much Faster is it? 

Vittoria reports the Corsa PRO Speed to be 5% faster and 2% lighter than the previous Corsa Speed. How did they achieve this? We guessed the minimal tread, new electrical curing process, and tread application help. The new Corsa PRO Speed compound is specially formulated for speed, grip, and nothing else. 

Vanessa ten Hoff, Vittoria’s Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, explained, “The Corsa PRO Speed tire is a game-changer in time trial racing. We understand the demands and challenges athletes face in this field and have created a tire to enhance their performance. We are proud to launch this product and believe it will exceed our customers’ expectations.”

No More Tubulars? 

The Corsa PRO Speed will ONLY come in tubeless models, so if you’d like to keep the Vittoria Corsa PRO cotton on your TT bike, the best option is the Vittoria Corsa PRO. 

Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed Models and Pricing 

The new Vittoria Corsa PRO Speed will be available in 700×24, 700×26, and 700x28c models. All times are TLR (tubeless ready), and only the 28c version is cleared for use with hookless rims. All tires use Vittorias Corespun 320 TPI construction. 

  • Weight: 700×24 – 225g, 700×26 – 230g, 700×28 – 250g
  • Pricing: USD 99, EUR 95 



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