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Vorsprung dials up Fractive fork tuning kits to get more out of your Fox Fit4 forks

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Like their Tractive shock tuning upgrades, the Whistler suspension experts of Vorsprung are dialing in forks too. Their newest Fractive tuning internals reshape your latest Fox Fit4 forks – 32, 34, 36, or 40 – to get a setup that will flat-out perform better, wherever & however you ride. You just have to decide whether to have them update your fork, or get the kit to tune it up yourself.

Vorsprung Fractive tuning for Fox Fit4 mountain bike forks

Just like their other kits and suspension rebuilds, Vorsprung knows they can get more out of your fork than how it came stock, because they are personalizing it to you and how you ride.

What the Fractive Tuning System does is use Vorsprung’s own exclusive YouTune online tune calculator to figure out how to rework your personalized suspension setup in the first place. That gives you one of five tunes that they say will get you into a range where your fork’s controls will give you real performance adjustment ranges, instead of the more generic range a mass-produced damper must assume. From there Vorsprung’s high performance Fractive compression piston for the Fit4’s damper will give you more control on how the fork actually performs – with a truly wide adjustment range to spend time dialing in your fork.

(Full details on how to get their YouTune to optimize your fork setup are available at: VorsprungSuspension.com.)

How it works

That let’s them work with custom compression valving that is adjusted to your own riding and needs. Vorsprung’s setup also takes over your forks controls turning the 3-position switch into a true high-speed compression damping adjuster (with less effect on low-speed). The low-speed adjuster also becomes more usable than before, working better in each of the high-speed settings. They say all modes will then retain linear performance.

Vorsprung’s description of the new performance of your fork is “support where you need it, compliance where you don’t”. The new Fractive suspension kit is available for you to install on your own for $120CAD (~$95USD). For $270CAD (~$215USD) you can ship them your fork and they will do the installation. The crazy thing in all of this, it all boils down to some tiny well-designed and precision-manufactured parts that reshape how oil moves around inside your damper.

Vorsprung develops their tunes and tuning kits on the technical trails of Whistler, Squamish, and the North Shore. But it isn’t just gravity forks and riders that can benefit from a Vorsprung overhaul. This Fractive kit is only compatible with Fox 32, 34 & 36 Factory Series Fit4 forks, produced from 2016-18 and Fox 40 Performance Series Elite forks from the same time (not with any remote-lockout or remote-adjust forks). More details are available on their website.

The Fractive kit is manufactured in-house by Vorsprung at their Whistler, BC HQ. It also can be installed together with their Luftkappe air spring upgrades for the 34 & 36 forks, as the Fractive valving only impacts the damper cartridge inside the right fork leg.

If you are looking to improve the support, compliance, grip, and control of your Fit4 fork, it looks like Vorpsrung has a way to get you in the sweet spot between a harsh or wallowed out feel.


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5 years ago

Missing word?:
“You just have to whether to have them update your fork”
Eds. Corrected, thanks. The word was indeed ‘decide’.

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