Options in color are great, but black on black is classic. Perhaps you’ve considered purchasing a Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT, but the standard grey BOLT with blue accents was just too colorful? Well, you’re in luck. The ELEMNT BOLT now comes in a stealth black on black option – and it’s cheaper too!

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT goes Stealth, drops in price, adds e-bike firmware update for all Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT goes Stealth, drops in price, adds e-bike firmware update for all

Now, all ELEMNT BOLT GPS computers have dropped in price from $249.99 to $229.99. That includes the new stealth black option, grey, and pink versions as well.

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT goes Stealth, drops in price, adds e-bike firmware update for all

Images of the new e-bike metrics on a Wahoo ROAM. Note that the BOLT does not have a color screen.

While Wahoo was at it, they’ve also introduced a firmware update for all ELEMNT computers to make them compatible with both Giant and Specialized e-bikes. The update will allow key metrics from select models to be displayed on the screen including remaining range, battery life, current mode, and assist percentage. The workout screen will also show how much time you spent in each e-assist zone, and the battery percentage used.



    • Zach Overholt on

      Those are photos of the ROAM since the update is for all ELEMNT computers. The Bolt is still grey scale I believe.

  1. Dan Lind on

    The screenshot of the Wahoo ROAM with new e-bike metrics next to the new Stealth Black BOLT is extremely confusing. Wahoo will certainly receive lots of negative customer feedback on this product launch, as I’m sure people will place orders and be disappointed that their new BOLT is still grey scale.

  2. Fr0hickey on

    Wahoo needs to hire some older software engineers that wear bifocals. Then they can update the way ithebsmall text is displayed.

    • Sw on

      And some product testers who actually ride in the winter. Those daft recessed buttons are nearly impossible to press with thick gloves.

  3. Sajuuk on

    Just bought a Bolt around a month ago…wish I had known that this was in the pipeline…would have much preferred a stealth black Bolt at $230 to a mediocre grey at $250.

  4. Krapper on

    While they reduced the price of the Bolt, they increased the price of the bundle that includes speed, cadence and heart rate sensors from $299 to $329. $30 bump for the bundle and in effect a $50 bump for the sensors.


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