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Wahoo+ANGi helmet crash sensor integration makes it easier to get help on a ride

Wahoo ANGi integration, Wahoo Roam Specialized ANGi helmet crash sensor automatic notification
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A simple over-the-air Wahoo firmware update makes ANGi crash sensors more user-friendly for cyclists already riding with both Elemnt GPS and Specialized’s smart sensor enable helmets. The Wahoo+ANGi integration means the same thing if you are involved in a serious crash – your emergency contacts will be automatically notified. But for false alarms or less serious incidents, now you can just manage notification directly from your cycling computer, without having to dig out your mobile phone.

Wahoo GPS & Specialized ANGi helmet crash sensor integration

Wahoo ANGi integration, Wahoo Roam Specialized ANGi helmet crash sensor automatic notification

We’ve seen Specialized’s ANGi smart crash sensors for almost a year and a half now. They offer a nice little reassurance when riding alone, but in order to use the system you have to use Specialized’s mobile phone app every time to start the tracking process, and then also to stop it from notifying your contact in the event of a less serious crash. That’s not a huge deal, but with our expensive smart phones often tucked away safe in a jersey pocket or backpack on many rides, getting it out after a relatively minor crash might be a literal pain. So putting control onto your GPS just makes life easier. And probably might make users more likely to use the ANGi on every ride.

For example, my wife has the S-Works Evade helmet with ANGi, which she loves for the fit & feel while riding, but only very rarely activates the crash sensor because of the extra steps involved. With this integration you still need to use the app to start/stop tracking, but at least dismissing false positives will be simpler.

The firmware update is available for all Wahoo Elemnt users (original, aero Bolt & new color Roam) & works with any Specialized ANGi sensor or ANGi-equipped helmet. The new feature is available today to iOS users of the latest Specialized Ride App. The Android app update is coming soon.

From the Press Release:

ANGi, Specialized’s patented helmet-mounted sensor, measures the forces transmitted to a helmet during a crash — both an impact with the ground and the harmful rotational forces that can occur during crashes whether or not a helmet actually impacts the ground. ANGi pairs to the Specialized Ride App, which tracks your ride, allowing your emergency contacts to follow your ride in real time, and sends them alerts in the event a crash is detected.

To use ANGi with an ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer, riders simply open the Specialized Ride App and pair both their ANGi Sensor and ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer. Once paired, the Ride App will send any crash detection notifications to the ELEMNT where a rider can dismiss accidental alarms. If the alarm is not dismissed, the Ride App will notify the rider’s emergency contacts of a crash.

“With multiple platforms offering different functions for users, cycling computers need to work with as many other devices and apps as possible,” said Megan Powers, Cycling Product Manager for Wahoo Fitness. “We want our products to remove barriers to performance and safety, and that’s what these key updates aim to do.”


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