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Want Protection and Style? Demon Dirt’s Got You Covered

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Scar tissue on your shins that will never go away? Elbows that pop, knees that creak. What about continually bruised hips, shoulders, and butt? If you’re out on your mountain bike trying to go bigger, with more steeze you know what I’m talking about. How many times have we all picked up our pads before a ride, only to decide they were too hot, or uncomfortable and choose to ride without only to get injured that very ride? What if our protection was as exciting as fresh new parts for our bike?

Demon Dirt is a rider-owned company who, just like you, thinks the very same thing.

Their goal is simple, produce the best looking, most comfortable pads and clothing with the right amount of protection for the inevitable. Riders no longer have to choose between pads that are cumbersome and uncomfortable, or going without and risking injury. Demon Dirt gear is unique because it takes an integrative approach towards protection rather than adding bulk and layers to riders who already resist wearing pads to begin with. This is most apparent with what I think is their best product (without trying anything, based on info provided), the Black Plague Jean.

Read on to see what makes the Black Plague Jean so special…


At first glance, the Black Plague jean may look like any normal pair of jeans. That’s OK and sort of the point, but like a transformer there’s more than meets the eye. Let’s start with my personal favorite feature: built in shin guards! Seriously, why hasn’t anyone done this before? The jeans feature removable ultra thin shin guards that are moldable and should be more than enough to keep your spiked platform pedals from tearing your shins a new one.  The fabric itself is also unique, with a blend of Coolmax, ripstop nylon, spandex, and cotton denim all tailored in a cycling specific fit complete with gusseted crotch (which is demonstrated above as foot-plantable).


The rest of Demon Dirt’s line up looks just as good, including a few other unique products such as a pair of armored shorts that can fit under skinny jeans. You might not think that would ever be an issue, but show up to any skate park and you’ll see kids that look like they put on their jeans wet only to hop in the dryer and shrink them to themselves. It’s all about protection and style.

Rest assured Nick Moore and the rest of the Demon Dirt crew have put in a lot of hours designing, riding, tweaking, and riding the product and are able to put out the product they want like only a rider owned company can. The same goes for Calvin Krey, Casey Groves, Micah Hintze, and Sam Dueck who are all out giving the gear some real world testing and helping to spread the plague.


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14 years ago

The have tank tops!!! jeans with shinguards are a bonus

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