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WD-40 expands bike line with aerosol All Conditions Lube; Finish Line eyes eBikes w/ cleaner, chain lube

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At this point, you should know that WD-40 Bike is not the same as traditional WD-40. The newer product line is specifically formulated for bicycle use and has a number of products that actually work really well like their All-Purpose Bike Wash. That isn’t to say that traditional WD-40 is useless on a bike though, as the company mentioned at Cross Nationals a quick spray of the famous water displacer kept clipless pedals from icing up in tough conditions.

Back to the bike stuff though, the newest addition to their Bike line is the All Conditions Chain Lube in an aerosol can. WD-40 was quick to point out that this is mostly geared towards commuters or recreational cyclists and was developed specifically for ease of use. Clearly, you’ll want to avoid spraying it on your rim brake surfaces or disc rotors, but if you have something like a coaster brake bike you can be less careful with overspray. Designed for dry, wet, or varying conditions, the PTFE based dry lube is wax free and adds corrosion inhibitors for increased chain life and runs $9.99 for a 6oz can.

Fortunately for us, WD-40 also has a full line of specialist products which may just come in handy as well…

After finding that the locks on our RV had rusted solid on the inside, we were left without access to the back door. That is, until WD-40 let us borrow a can of their Specialist Rust Release Penetrant Spray. Using “Extra Penetrating Blu Torch technology” the 50 state VOC compliant spray promises to break rusty parts free. It took a little while on the shrouded shackle padlocks, but after 10 minutes or so of soaking, we were finally able to get into the back of the RV. Sold at many hardware stores, you can find the 11oz bottles for around $6.99.


Yes, now there are e-Bike specific cleaners and lubes as well. But that makes sense, given that they have different components and somewhat fragile electronics. On the cleaner side, the Finish Line e-Bike Cleaner is a foaming spray that is essentially a non-water bike wash. Basically just spray it on and wipe it off. Since it’s formulated to protect electronics, Finish Line says it’s also good for bike with electronic drivetrains and suspension systems. The 14oz bottle runs $7.99.

On the lubricant side, e-Bikes see a lot more torque at the chain than standard bikes, so Finish Line formulated this for excessive wattage and pressure. Stating that other lubes actually get pushed out of the chain, their e-Bike lube’s high pressure components help keep it in place and claim it will help the chain last longer. It runs $8.99 for a 4oz bottle.


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6 years ago

Water dispersion 40 should consider a different label
(deleted) Viscosity is too low

Antipodean G
6 years ago

I use just good ‘ol WD40. Works a treat and never had an issue, unlike many of the so called ‘specific’ lubes I have used over the years.

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