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We Are One rolls out Convergence Sector, Triad and Fuse Carbon Rims

we are one convergence rim carbon 30mm 28mm 33mm internal widths triad
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We Are One has announced aftermarket availability of the new Convergence mountain bike rim, a composite rim they say represents a leap forward in technology that surpasses their current top-of-the-line rim in impact strength, interface and ride feel. It is said to be 32% stronger than the Union 29 rims thanks to use of special ZRT composite films, while retaining sufficient compliance for good grip and vibration damping. 

The Convergence rims are intended for the trail rider or enduro racer who wants a high quality, performance enhancing wheelset. There are three Convergence rims to choose from; the Sector, Triad and Fuse with 28mm, 30mm, and 33mm internal widths, respectively. For now, here are the need-to-knows; a first ride review is in the works.

All photos by Finlay Anderson, unless otherwise stated

We Are One Convergence Composite Rims

we are one convergence triad carbon rim

Until now, you could only possess We Are One’s new Convergence composite rims if you bought their Arrival Enduro Bike in its top-of-the-range SP1 model, a purchase that would set you back $9,525 USD. Now, the Canadian manufacturer is making all three models of the Convergence rim available aftermarket, both as the rim only and as a complete wheelset laced to an Industry Nine Hydra hubset. They are as follows:

We Are One Convergence Rim Claimed Weight Internal Rim Width Size Availability
Sector 495g 28mm 29″ only
Triad 505g 30mm 29″ and 27.5″
Fuse 523g 33mm 29″ only
we are once convergence triad 30mm carbon rims 29" industry nine hubset
The We Are One Convergence Rims are laced to i9 Hydra hubs via Sapim Race spokes; 28 on the front and 32 on the rear

We got our hands on the 29″ Convergence Triad Wheelset with a SRAM XD freehub. It arrived with the rims pre-taped with two tubeless valves ready for a quick tubeless setup; the only plastic packaging to be found was the tiny piece of sellotape affixing a “We Are One” sticker to the top of the box.

we are one convergence wheelset ships pre-taped with tubeless valves

The complete wheelset tipped our Park Tool scales at 1,904 grams. The front wheel weighs 881 g, and the rear weighs 1,023 g. Granted, that’s fairly heavy for a carbon wheelset, but weight wasn’t We Are One’s top priority in the development of the Convergence rims.

we are one convergence triad rim profile 30mm internal width
We measure the We Are One Convergence Triad rim at 20mm deep at its deepest point, with an external width of 37.6mm and each wall at 4mm wide

we are one convergence carbon rim widths depths tire sizes

Higher on the list of priorities were impact strength and ride feel, two characteristics that in my opinion are far more important for enduro racing. We Are One tells us the Convergence rims have a 32% higher impact strength than the Union 29 rims that came before them.

we are one convergence rim carbon 30mm 28mm 33mm internal widths triad
The Convergence rims are designed and manufactured at the We Are One facility in Kamloops, BC

To achieve that, We Are One made use of ZRT Composite Films to reinforce critical areas within the rim, tailoring the lay up to best resist single-wall impact failures. What exactly are ZRT Composite Films, I hear you ask? This is a special material developed by Boston Materials, made using their patented Z-axis Fiber Technology, developed for products that need to damp vibrations and dissipate energy well. And, it is produced from 100% reclaimed carbon fiber.

Indeed, We Are One says the rim’s radial and lateral stiffness have been fine-tuned to reduce vibration and ensure a smoother ride experience. 

“The development of the Convergence rim was a lengthy process and more in-depth than ever before,” said project engineer Adam Marchand. “We’re unique in that we can manufacture our concepts in-house and test them the same day.”

“Our data-driven approach gives us 100% confidence in our design and process,” added project engineer Ben Markwick. “The result is a carbon fiber rim that delivers more confidence to ride harder, faster, and push boundaries further.”

we are one convergence composite rim high impact strength vibration damping carbon fiber arrangement

So, what’s up with the wavy rim?

The Convergence rim has 7.5° alternating faces which allow each spoke nipple to interface with the rim at an angle closely matched to the angle at which the spoke leaves the hub. This is said to reduce fatigue on the nipples and spoke, while also giving the rim outstanding durability.

Below is a visual on how the Convergence rim shape places the nipples perpendicular to the spokes.

Pricing & Availability

All three We Are One Convergence rims retail at $475 USD ($605 CAD). The 28mm Sector and 33mm Fuse rims are available in 29″ only, while the 30mm Triad is available in both 27.5″ and 29″. A complete We Are One Convergence Wheelset with Industry Nine Hydra Hubs and your choice of freehub retails at $1,799 USD ($1,999 CAD). Wheelsets are available in Boost only.

The Convergence rims are laced to the hubs via Sapim Race spokes, though it is possible to upgrade to Sapim CX-Ray spokes for an additional $100 CAD.

we are one convergence triad wheel industry nine hub


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