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Weekend Videos: more Chasing Trail in Norway, French Enduro racing, into the Spanish hills for gravel & a unique UCI tour

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We see a new Chasing Trail story pop into our inboxes every couple of months from Scott bikes, and every one gets us excited about riding our bikes somewhere new. In the eleventh episode, the crew rides out into some Norwegian Fjords. What started as an idea for a catalog shoot on the trails relatively unknown to mountain bikers turned into a chance to roost through scrub and rocky terrain with views of the fjords that are hard to match.

Check out more trail riding goodness from the French Enduro Series, some Spanish gravel care of Rapha’s Brevet, and a trialsin’ tour of the UCI after the break…

Some of the folks that support and run the French Enduro Series sent us a highlight reel from last season’s racing action. It’s pretty easy to get excited about pegging it through some timed sections after seeing some clips from 5 of the series’ races with spectacular scenery along the way. Tribe-Events.com

At the end of last year, Rapha had five of their riders head out into northern Spain in the volcanic region of Garrotxa to explore some less travelled terrain. Ostensibly to test and feature their long distance adventuring Brevet kit, the group spent a long weekend riding from cold mornings into warm afternoons, typical of Catalonia in autumn. In what they called To the Hills, you can join in on the fun on cross bikes and gravel roads in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

The UCI’s press officer sent this one over direct. Last month there had been an Athletes Commission meeting at UCI HQ in Aigle, Switzerland. So each of the different pro athlete representatives were in town to meet. Not everyone was stuck in a conference room for the whole time there. Trials specialist Kenny Belaey decided to give a tour of the facility, from the cyclo-cross course on the grounds to a run around the track, and into the offices that keep the 6.8kg limit and chaos of road discs running smoothly…

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