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What Is The City of Albuquerque Doing For You?

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Making cycling safer for all of us, that’s what. It’s tough times here in the states, but somehow Albuquerque has found the money to invest in the future with a vast network of bicycle lanes throughout the city. Other cities should check out the City of Albuquerque’s website and read their comprehensive on-street bicycle plan.

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Ahh, smooth riding for as far as the eye can see.


Photo and commentary from stronglight‘s flickr page:

“I am still impressed with the local bike route system. This city annually prints folding, pocket (or tool bag) sized maps showing new construction of dedicated off street bike routes and any clearly marked bike lanes which are painted onto the actual city streets.”

“Some of the routes intended for serious bicycle-commuter traffic are quite elaborate and include wide, well maintained, asphalt paved paths which are clearly painted to channel bike traffic and even posted with road signs of slightly reduced size just as one would find on roadways intended for motorists… and these routes are intended for only bicycles or an occasional pedestrian, with no motor traffic permitted!”

The city has also been installing bike boxes at many intersections and has even printed brochures about how to use them (for both cyclists and drivers).

Kudos to Albuquerque and their city council for finding the funds to invest in cycling infrastructure. We can only learn from them and work to get our own city councils to do the same thing!

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Kristin Cunnar
Kristin Cunnar
14 years ago

Dear Author of What is City of Albuquerque doing for you (regarding Cycling),

The goal of this email is to ask your support to attend an upcoming Rally in front of Civic Plaza to show Mayor Chavez and City Council the popularity of Cycling in New Mexico and the fact that for over 20 years, the cycling community has not had a Bike Velodrome built. I got the idea from reading the Sunday paper where Mayor Chavez stated that he agreed to fund Skate Parks when he saw some little kids riding their skateboards in Civic Plaza. The rally would be peaceful and merely an opportunity to remind the Mayor and City Council of how wholesome cycling really is! Please see the below pictures of the Bike Velodrome built in Redmond, Washington. The surrounding community enjoys
a property value increase. Parents with their little kids can have a safe place to cycle with their children without having to worry about darting in and out of traffic. The bike lanes and bike paths in Albuquerque are improving, but there are deaths from cars hitting cyclists on the road. A Bike Velodrome provides an opportunity for people of all ages and both sexes to enjoy cycling on a flat surface in a secure area where the Cyclist doesn’t have to worry about traffic. A Bike Velodrome would also be able to provide a way to have amateur racing.

Currently, the Skate Parks are basically catering to the male teenager population. Much like professional bull riding doesn’t appeal to the average
female teenager, neither does jumping 5 to 20 on up feet in the air, twirling around on a skateboard and landing on concrete. The fairer sex does give birth and a flat cycling Bike Velodrome would be an opportunity for the female
participate to be an actual participate in a sport instead of a spectator at a Skate Board Park. Also, the Bike Velodrome is for both sexes, the entire family and all age groups. The Skate Board Parks are for the male teenager. In Albuquerque, the Mayor indicated that there were something like 9 Skate Parks built in something like ten years. That’s a lot of City tax dollars going to fund a way to keep the male population out of trouble. There has recently been billboards set up by the State regarding Females and DWI
on the rise. Well, if female teenagers are bored, then a sport that appeals to the female needs to also be funded by the City. There are lots of female cyclists in the community. I have even seen a female in her 60’s out riding her bike and enjoying her day cycling. What a Bike Velodrome offers is a place for participants of both sexes and all age groups to participate in an area that is safe and wholesome. It is much easier to keep an eye on one’s children when one can also cycle and participate in the sport at the Bike Velodrome. That is why there is little to no vandalism occurring in communities that have Bike Velodrome. In communities where there are Skate Parks, then all one has to do is google, “Skate Parks and Community complaints” to see all the information.

A second hand bike can be purchased on Craig’s list for as low as $50, so a
family with lots of kids and/or just themselves would be able to purchase a bike second hand and enjoy cycling at a Bike Velodrome. When a skateboarder breaks an arm or a leg etc… that costs money at a medical expense. There is less chance of any injuries inside a Bike Velodrome on a flat surface where cyclists can enjoy the outdoor weather without fear or worry of being hit by a car. A bike Velodrome is a great place to train a small
child without fear of being hit by a car. A Bike Velodrome would be a great wholesome place to take a date, take your spouse, take your best friend and/or take your kids and just hang out.

With the obesity rate on the rise, it is essential to find sports that appeal to the female population. There is often news reports about how great cycling is for both mental health (feeling centered and grounded, etc…) and physical health (lowering blood pressure, reducing
the bad cholesterol, etc…).

The tentative rally in front of Civic Plaza is tentative depending on response from this email and feedback. Please let me know the best time for you that you would be able to attend a rally in support of City funding for a Bike Velodrome.


Kristin Cunnar

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