If you enjoy shopping at Whole Foods for the type of groceries you can’t find at your local mega mart, there might soon be something else you can’t find at other stores: free bike repair. That is of course, if you know how to turn a wrench and only need the tools provided for you out at their free bike repair stands that have been popping up at various Whole Foods stores.

Originally, we were tipped off by Minh that Prolly is not Probably had the scoop on the new stand that was put in at the Austin, TX flagship Whole Foods. However, after doing a little searching I found that Austin isn’t home to the only Whole Foods with a bicycle repair aisle, after stumbling across James Bikes Green. Apparently, in November of last year, James discovered an identical repair stand at his local Blithedale, CA Whole Foods.

Both repair stands offer a way to support the bike, a floor pump, and most tools you would need for any simple bicycle repair or adjustment (the Blithedale location even has a hose to wash your bike!). Whatever your stance towards chain grocery stores such as Whole Foods, I think it’s safe to say that this is clearly a step in the right direction to get more Americans to run simple errands on bikes.


  1. PaulCJr on

    This is a great service for Whole Foods to offer. I don’t personally know how or where they would implement such a bike service stand here in NYC, but at a less dense city or suburban Whole Foods, this would be great. If I end up moving to Boston this year, I hope they install these Whole Food bike services stands there since most are laid out in suburban grocery configurations.

  2. Gillis on

    Although this seems like a good idea I have my doubts. I’d just wait until some ya-hoo decides to overhaul is bike onsite and then run into the store asking for help. There’s a reason my shop never loaned out tools.

    Personally, I’d rather see better bike racks, more of them, and covered would be nice too.


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