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Wolf Tooth Components Resolve rev2 Is New ‘World’s Longest Dropper Post’, Adds 34.9mm Size

Wolf tooth Resolve Rev2 dropper post 242mm(Photo/WTC)
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If the length of dropper post travel is your metric, there’s a new king of dropper posts in town. With the new Resolve rev2 dropper, Wolf Tooth Components claims to take the crown at 242mm of travel – just 2mm more than the OneUp V2. Regardless of who possesses the title, there are notable improvements to the Resolve rev2 that will make it desirable for more than just the tallest riders out on the trail.

Previously, the WTC Resolve topped out at 200mm of travel, so it’s a big jump to 242mm. More importantly, it still offers adjustable travel like all other Resolve droppers. Internally adjustable at home in 5mm increments, the only limit to travel adjustability is the total amount of travel, so you could theoretically buy a 242mm dropper and adjust it down to a very short travel if you wanted to. More likely, you may not be able to fit a full 242mm travel on your bike, but with the adjustments, you can still end up with a longer travel than 200mm.

The 242mm size is added to the existing sizes of 125, 160, and 200mm, all of which can be adjusted to smaller travel numbers. However, you might not need to adjust that travel down even if you’re running a shorter travel dropper post currently. Thanks to one of the shortest stack heights and insertion depths on the market, you’ll likely be able to fit more travel in your existing frame.

In addition to the longer travel rev2, WTC is also offering a larger diameter with a new 34.9mm dropper post. WTC states that this post has been designed from the ground up for the larger size including a specific cartridge, lower housing, and stanchion. That’s important because it means that WTC was able to make full use of the increased space to create a more robust dropper, rather than just reusing existing parts and ending up with a product that could be better in theory.

The 34.9mm post is added to the existing 30.9 and 31.6mm sizes.

Additional Post Updates (That are Backwards Compatible!)

Even if you’re not on the monster 242mm post or 34.9mm diameter, you’ll still benefit from the rev2 updates. While subtle, all rev2 posts get internal updates to improve functionality. The Resolve is a unique post in that it self-bleeds every time you cycle it. Now, that self-bleeding function has been improved. Additionally, the droppers get new spool valves which result in a 25% reduction in the amount of force at the lever to activate the post.

Better still, both these updates are compatible with existing Resolve dropper posts in 125, 160, and 200mm travel so if your post ever needs service, you’ll end up with an improvement.

Wolf Tooth Components Resolve rev2 Dropper Post Actual Weight

On our scale, this 160mm travel 31.6mm post weighs in at 510g – which is 2g less than the Rev1. That’s not much, but it’s nice to see the post has been improved without adding any weight.

In terms of the externals, the Resolve rev2 is mostly unchanged with a zero-degree offset head with a simple two-bolt adjustment. I was happy to see that the low-profile air cap was much easier to remove this time by hand. the post ships in cardboard packaging with a cable and housing kit including the small cable anchor needed for the post. Like the previous Resolve, rev2 runs the cable head at the end of the post, just with the cable head inserted into the cable anchor. Note that it does not include a ReMote lever. Those are available separately.

Pricing & Availability

The new Resolve Dropper Post rev2 is available now at WolfToothComponents.com and all stocking dealers and distributors with pricing starting at $349.95. The existing Resolve Dropper Post rev1 has a new lower price that starts at $279.95, or 20% off the original retail pricing. Existing rev1 customers can purchase a rev2 conversion kit for $79.95.

First Impressions

I’ve had one of the new rev2 posts for a few weeks now. I’m not tall and don’t have a bike with a 34.9mm seat post, so I went with a 160mm post with a 31.6mm diameter. On this particular frame, I was previously running a 125mm travel e*13 dropper post – with zero room to spare. I knew I could fit a longer dropper travel with the Resolve, but I figured I might have to use a 5mm travel reducer or two.

I was incredibly pleased to find that I could fit the entire 160mm travel post, even with the curved seat tube on the Hayduke. There’s no question that the Resolve or Resolve rev2 will allow you to run the maximum amount of travel on your frame which makes it perfect for shorter riders.

After setting it up with a WTC ReMote Pro, I didn’t notice much of a difference in feel between rev2 and the original. After a few rides, I did do some back-to-back comparisons between the two versions, and rev2 does feel a bit easier to actuate (but I haven’t done testing with the same exact dropper lever and new cable and housing on each). That’s still great news since the original Resolve was already one of my favorite dropper posts. I have gotten used to the ease of operation of the Resolve, and it wasn’t until a recent review bike with another dropper brand reminded me that very few dropper/lever combos are as silky smooth as those from WTC.

Two years in, that original Resolve dropper post on my bike still feels as good as it did on day one. For me, outright durability is one of the most important factors when choosing a dropper post, but it helps when something like the Resolve rev2 has so many other things going for it.

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9 days ago

Eight Pins are asking Woo Tooth to hold their beer whilst they flex 258mm of drop

9 days ago

I generally love Wolf Tooth stuff and have lots of their parts on my bike but the Resolve I put on last summer didn’t make it much more than a couple of months before giving up the ghost, and it really didn’t want to drop with weight on the saddle when it was working. Very disappointing. Maybe this new version will fix those things (I hope so), but I’m sticking with my One Up, which has been awesome.

6 days ago
Reply to  Zach Overholt

I did not. The experience was so bad that I just wanted to wash my hands of it.

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