2016 Cannondale SuperX Hi-Mod carbon cyclocross bike with Wolf Tooth Cycling 40T narrow wide chainring

The rest of your wolf pack’s going 1x on their cyclocross bike, and now you can keep up with these new Drop Stop cyclocross narrow wide chainrings from Wolf Tooth Cycling.

Featuring their patented tooth profiles, the new rings are available in direct mount versions for SRAM and Cannondale Hollowgram (Si / SiSL) cranksets, saving you up to 40g over stock single rings. And if you’re replacing a double chainring, the chainline is optimized for 10 and 11 speed cassettes to keep everything running as smooth as it should.

The Hollowgram versions were originally made as a collaboration for Cannondale, which is offering it as a stock item on some top level Super Hi-Mod CX1 models for 2016 (that’s your first look up above!)…

wolf tooth cycling drop stop narrow wide single chainring for cannondale hollowgram si - sisl cranksets

The 7075 alloy Cannondale cyclocross chainrings are available in 38, 40 and 42 tooth counts for $94.95. The chainline works for road and gravel bikes, too, which can be paired with their Road Link to fit a wide range cassette on the bike. Claimed weights are 100g, 110g and 117g, respectively. They also offer C’dale direct mount rings for mountain bike cranksets that have a different chainline offset.

Wolf Tooth Components SRAM direct mount drop stop narrow wide single chainring for cyclocross

The SRAM direct mount rings are the same as the original mountain bike ones, but they run all the way up to a 42T, making them perfect for ‘cross.

Wolf Tooth Components SRAM direct mount drop stop narrow wide single chainring for cyclocross

They highlight the 36 through 42 tooth options for cyclocross, in even increments all the way through that range, with weights from 81g to 111g. They say that saves 30-40g over a stock spider-and-chainring combo. Retail for these sizes is $74.95 to $79.95.

All are available now, with free shipping on anything over $50.



  1. glenn p on

    i bought a 26 tooth wolf front sprocket for my sram 1 x 11 and it only lasted 3 months. Bought a north shore billet 26 and it has lasted twice as long so far.

  2. Eric on

    I’m very excited about this. I’ve had two 32t versions that have each lasted over a year and a half and are still going strong. I also have a 42t 110bcd version that I’ve had on my cross bike for a year. It still has tons of life left, but will be replaced by the direct mount because…well…because these are sweet looking

  3. Rob on

    I just installed a 40t SDM ring on my Force 22 cranks today and it was awesome on my hour long ride today. Super easy install and the chain line is excellent with an 11 speed 11-32 on all cogs.

    By the way, all the Sram road cranks take the GXP direct mount chain ring. I emailed with Brendan at WTC and he said they need to update their flowchart which only applies to mountain bike cranks as it is now.


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