Wolf Tooth: Shaving Weight and Building Strength one Seat Post Clamp at a Time!

Own and love your blingy Wolf Tooth Components seat post clamp, but itchin’ to take it up another notch? Then check out their seatpost clamp titanium bolt hardware upgrade kit!

Wolf Tooth Titanium Bolt upgrade Kit

Photo c. Wolf Tooth Components

The watt-saving Titanium Bolt Hardware Upgrade Kit is compatible with both of their seatpost clamps – the bolt-closure version and the quick-release version.

These lightweight beauties come in three different finishes: Black, Gold, and Oil Slick. The kits include a bolt, threaded barrel, and Ti-Prep grease (they do not include the actual aluminum seat post collar or QR lever), and weights are claimed at 4.3g for the bolt closure, or 4.9g for the QR. WTC claims that this is 50% less than their steel counterparts, so roughly a 4-5g savings.

Ti hardware upgrade kits will sell for $12.95, and can be added on to any seatpost clamp order from WTC. Order the kit or a new seat post clamp at the link below.


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Dr rock
Dr rock
1 month ago

Seriously? If you’re actuality concerned about the weight of a seat clamp maybe you should bulk up a little to make up the difference

1 month ago
Reply to  Dr rock

I installed one and saved .5 watts over a 40 mile ride. Crushed my last strava segment by .125 sec. Totally worth it. But jokes aside… I did buy one. Something about gold Ti parts that I simply couldn’t resist. Bring back the gold Ti Morse cage Wolftooth!!!

1 month ago

Chromag Seapost Clamps…More weight, cheaper, cooler…and cooler is always faster!