At this point, the big brands offer pretty slick ways of integrating brake and shifter mounts. But that assumes you want to run the same brand for all of your components – and you’re OK with being limited to their adjustment range.

Wolf Tooth Components knows that this is not always the case, so they came up with their ShiftMount range a while ago. Meant to make mixing and matching brands of brakes and shifters easier, the family just got three new versions to provide even more mounting options.

Wolf Tooth ShiftMount ISEV-MM

For those that want to pair Shimano I-SPEC EV shifters with SRAM MatchMaker brakes, the new ShiftMount ISEV-MM is the answer at $29.95.

Wolf Tooth ShiftMount ISEV-MM

The mount allows for the fore/aft adjustment typical of the MatchMaker mount, and a single mounting point for the ISEV mount with lateral adjustment.

Wolf Tooth ShiftMount ISEV-22.2

Want to separate your Shimano I-SPEC EV shifters from the brakes? the new ShiftMount ISEV-22.2 does just that.

Wolf Tooth ShiftMount ISEV-22.2

The mount adds a 22.2mm clamp that will fit most handlebars, and still allows for the lateral adjustment of the ISEV mount for precise positioning. This one is priced at $39.95.

Wolf Tooth ShiftMount ISII-22.2Finally, the new ISII-22.2 is a similar option, but meant for Shimano I-SPEC II shifter.

Wolf Tooth ShiftMount ISII-22.2

Again meant for standard bars with a 22.2mm clamping surface, the ISII-22 clamp also sells for $39.95.

All together now, there are eight different options to mix and match your cockpit, meaning there’s no longer any excuse for not having the perfect set up!


  1. Keir Stiegler on

    Might want to clarify that the SRAM mount mentioned is for Matchmaker X (MMX), not the original Matchmaker mount

  2. Brian on

    Great idea, ridiculous prices. I don’t normally say this about bike gear but I think I’ll wait for the AliExpress version.

    • Dan Froe on

      I might not understand your comment, but they’ve sold a MM-ISEV adapter for years.
      I’ve been struggling with the dumb thing all afternoon – GX AXS shifter with XTR 9120 levers. It doesn’t stay planted, but rotates around.

  3. Dylan Sutton on

    Adapters like this seem like a great idea, but the price defeats the purpose for me. I’m not looking to fit a new 12 speed XTR shifter to a new set of Codes because I’m too precious to use anything else, I’m looking to fit whatever 11sp shifter that comes up at a bargain price on FB Marketplace to my kid’s bike that is running perfectly good 5 year old SLX brakes. Whoever came up with the idea of ever-changing proprietary interfaces for stuff like this deserves to spend eternity riding a worn-out 9-speed drivetrain with a floppy rear derailleur and grip-shifts with gummed up mechanisms.

    Somehow in the early 1990s my 60cm wide bars were plenty wide enough to use band clamps for brakes and shifters, but in 2021 I need integration on my 780mm wide bars.

  4. Hamjam on

    I think the price is very fair. Although the purpose is simple, they must be very well designed. If the price is too high, you can just use the clamps that came with your parts and your bar will be a little more cluttered. Thanks Wolftooth for your awesome stuff!!!


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