America’s favorite TV family has been everywhere since first broadcasting 28 year ago, from small screen to big, and now even bikes. State Bicycle Co. has a history of collaborating with various brands and companies on different projects, most recently bringing us Simpsons inspired bikes, frames, parts, accessories, and apparel. Grab a doughnut and Buzz cola before jumping down nostalgia avenue after the break…

There are three bikes available for this limited edition partnership in State Bicycle Co.’s usual single speed setup. They’re built with double-butted chromoly tubing and claim to weigh in at 22lbs for size 55. Each color scheme comes in drop bar, bull horn, and flat bar options, plus a frame only alternative. We saw some of these items at Interbike, which are shown in the “real world” photos here, but the official collection varies a bit. We included all of them because, well, they’re fun!

Not shown in the photos, the bikes do come with front and rear brakes should you need them. Sizes range from 49 – 62 cm. Prices: $500 (complete build) and $200 (frameset).

Whether you’re a fan of Bart, doughnuts, the family or the entire town there is a pattern that can relate. The yellow kit has light brown drawings of the town’s inhabitants. The mosaic pattern is really vertical bars that represent each family member’s color combination. Those on team Bart get a skull and crossbones plot with a black, green, and red color combination. Their single bib short offering goes well with most of the designs and similar to their jerseys they offer a race fit. Size for the jerseys and bibs range from XS – XXL while the caps fit one size. Socks are on back-order with no sizing information available.  Prices: $70 (jersey) / $60 (bib shorts) / $15 (caps) / $13 (socks)


Those looking to customize their bike can swap out bar tape, saddles, or toe straps. The tape is a classic cork build for drop bars and bull horns (Bart comes in red as well). The saddles have a synthetic leather cover with steel rails, and the toe straps are Velcro adjustable with a nylon build. Prices: $18 (tape) : $25 (saddle) : $35 (toe straps)

Their roll top backpack comes in the yellow and doughnut patterns and offers reflective details, side pockets, and a U-lock front pocket. They also have padded straps and back panel, plus a Cordura fabric build to ensure weather-proofing. Price: $50

Other accessories include shirts and water bottles. The shirts each have large designs on the back and smaller Simpsons x State Bicycle Co. collaboration badges on the front. Bottles complete the Bart, Family and Doughnut collections. Sizes range from S – XL. Prices: $25 (shirts) $15 (bottles)


  1. Char on

    Yeah, to pull this off you really need to do a good job, so long as it’s not a sticker I say they nailed it. The “family bars” is creative and just subtle enough…but why didn’t they include Maggie (on second glance they did on the ND seatstay…(deleted)


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