Cargo bikes for kids? woom NOW offers integrated cargo rack, mixed wheel size

woom bikes just unveiled its latest children’s bike, the NOW. The woom NOW features a first-of-its-kind urban/cargo design, and the brand claims it’s ideal for all types of activities — from short commutes to overnight bikepacking adventures.

woom NOW urban/cargo kids  bike

woom bikes urban cargo bikes for kids

(All photos c. woom bikes)

The brand borrows a lot from previous woom bike models, like a low center of gravity and easy handling. An all-new integrated front rack and smaller front wheel give the NOW a higher carrying capacity than ever before. Here’s what else you can expect from the bike woom calls its “cycle truck.”

woom NOW key features

  • A foldable front rack with a removable inlay
  • Frame space optimized for additional bags or accessories
  • An integrated frame bag with magnetic closure
  • Dual accessory mounts on the front rack
  • A center-mounted kickstand for stable bike parking and cargo loading
  • Flat mount hydraulic disc brakes
  • Integrated lighting powered by the motion-powered dynamo hub
  • Twist-grip bell and grip-shifters
  • Durable fenders for riding in all weather conditions
  • Cobblestone-ready extra-wide tires
  • A Microshift eight-speed gear system with a narrow-wide chainring

woom NOW options, availability

woom NOW ice blue carbon black kids urban cargo bike


The woom NOW urban cargo bike is available in moss green with a formula red basket, or ice blue with a carbon black basket.

woom makes the bike in the following sizes:

  • woom NOW 4 (MSRP $750)
    • Bike measurements: 20-in./16-in. wheels
    • Age range: 6-8 yrs. old
    • Recommended child height: 45-51″ tall
  • woom NOW 5 (MSRP $800)
    • Bike measurements: 24-in./20-in. wheels
    • Age range: 7-11 yrs. old
    • Recommended child height: 49-57″ tall
  • woom NOW 6 (MSRP $850)
    • Bike measurements: 26-in./20-in. wheels
    • Age range: 10-14 yrs. old
    • Recommended child height: 55-65″ tall

The NOW is available to order directly from woom, and will ship immediately.

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5 months ago

Future generations are going to be so powerful.

Collin S
Collin S
5 months ago

This would have been useful when I had a paper route. I was doing it on my Early 90’s Dyno VFR. The thanksgiving paper was the worst with a million print ads. Papers were 3 times as thick as normal.