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WTB Adds Wider Gravel Tires, New Macro XC Race Tire & Vulpine S, Plus Casing Updates

WTB new gravel and MTB tires Eurobike 2024MERTHYR TYDFIL, 31 MAY 2024 - Wilderness Trail Bikes tyre product shoot.
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WTB almost always has something new for us at trade shows, and Eurobike 2024 is no different. This year, there are not only new sizes of existing tires, but there are two completely new additions, along with improvements to their casing tech.

New Casing Updates

Even though you can’t really see it, the casing is a critical part of the tire responsible for ride feel and puncture resistance. Starting with their completely new SG casing level, WTB has added a 120tpi casing with puncture protection in the sidewall only. That makes it their lightest and most supple casing used for lighter and race-focused tires.

Their existing SG2 casing has also been updated with a new take on existing protections. While it still offers bead-to-bead puncture protection, it’s now split into multiple pieces that all link together. That allows for more flex and movement, but also allows for the tire to stretch to its true size (or close to it, read on for more). Expect to find this casing on gravel treads for the adventure crowd like the new Resolute 50.

New Tire Models

Macro XC Race

For the XC race crowd, the new Macro will be offered only in 29 x 2.4″. At 721g, the tan version of the tire came in slightly heavier than claimed, but that’s still pretty light for a 2.4″ tire. Calling it their “first XC race tire”, this tire is designed with World Cup XC racing in mind and includes the new 120tpi SG casing.

  • A true 2.4” XC tire i30 rim
  • Our newest XC race tire
  • Tightly spaced, low center knobs to increase rolling speed
  • Wide breaking edged to increase braking traction
  • Widely spaced transition and side knobs allow increased cornering traction
  • Rounded tread profile to increase rolling speed and provide smooth cornering on hard pack
  • 62mm section width
  • 100% Recycled and Recyclable Packaging
  • $76.95

Vulpine S

Calling it an evolution of the existing Vulpine, the new Vulpine S gets a slick centerline for speed on hardpack. Offered in 40 and 45mm widths, WTB expects this to be their fastest gravel race tire.

  • Available in 40mm and 45mm section widths in both black and tan sidewall
  • Similar design as the beloved Vulpine Gravel tire with the exception of a smooth centerline for increased speed
  • Low, tightly spaced transition knobs with plenty of working edges to provide braking and cornering traction both on and off the pavement
  • Round tread profile to allow smooth cornering on pavement, hardpack, and dirt
  • 100% Recycled and Recyclable Packaging
  • $69.95

New Tire Sizes

Resolute 50

If adventure is what you seek, the new WTB Resolute 50 should be up to the task. Equipped with the updated SG2 casing, the Resolute 50 is up for whatever your adventure brings in all conditions. This time our sample came in under claimed weight at 619g, but it also is slightly undersized, measuring at 48.86mm wide. That measurement is after a few weeks mounted to a Reynolds Blacklabel G700 Pro wheelset with a 25mm internal width.

I’ve been testing these out on our Kona Ouroboros test bike which is a perfect platform for the tires. What the tires give up in on-pavement speed, they more than make up for in off-road grip. Overall, they were very easy to set up tubeless, and have held air well ever since.

  • 50mm section width
  • SG2 bead-to-bead protection available in both black and tan 120tpi casing options
  • Medium-height, blocky tread with rounded edges and increased ramping to provide improved mud clearing and decreased rolling resistance
  • Tightly placed center tread grouping to aid in rolling speed
  • Widely spaced transition and side knobs to provide increased cornering traction
  • Round tread profile to allow smooth cornering on hard pack and loose terrain
  • 100% Recycled and Recyclable Packaging
  • $69.95

Vulpine 45

Finally, the Vulpine gets a new 45mm size for a slightly more aggressive cousin to the new Vulpine S. Instead of a slick center section, the Vupline keeps the closely-spaced ramped center knobs.

  • 45mm section width
  • Available in both black and tan sidewall with 120tpi casing and SG protection
  • Low, tightly spaced tread to increase speed with plenty of working edges to provide cornering and braking traction on dirt and pavement.
  • Round tread profile to allow smooth cornering
  • 100% Recycled and Recyclable Packaging
  • $69.95


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10 days ago

the xc tire looks a lot like a rekon race, but a touch lighter i guess

8 days ago
Reply to  Jonathan

Xc tire fits on a Fat tire Bike

Mr. P
Mr. P
10 days ago

The Resolute 42 is an incredibly supple and strangely fast tire that punches way above its weight in all categories. Looking forward to the 50.

9 days ago
Reply to  Mr. P

Absolutely agree. Somewhat strange though that it’s a little undersized whereas the 42 mm size is 44 mm wide on a 24 mm (internal) rim.
But I guess 48 mm will make it fit into more frames and forks than a true to size 50 mm would.

10 days ago

Biggest question for me is if the 709g 2.4 tires actually blow up to 2.4 lets say on a 30mm wide rim. Lots of companies other than maxxis 2.3 or 2.4 don’t really blow up that wide.

8 days ago

Does vulpine 45 has 26” tires for fit tire Bike

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