WTC Morse Cage Ti bottle cages get more exclusive with Limited Edition Black or Gold finish

Bored with the raw titanium bottle cage look? No worries, Wolf Tooth Components is back with not one, but two new limited edition finishes for their Morse Cage Ti.

WTC Morse Cage Ti in gold water bottle cage

The Morse Cage Ti has been cloaked in gold before, but this time the gold cage is a full WTC build. What initially started as a collaboration with King Cage, where WTC made the Morse mounting plate, has evolved into a full titanium cage made in-house at the WTC facility in Minneapolis. As a refresher, the Morse cage uses a series of dot and dash mounting holes to offer 32mm of vertical adjustment—with each mounting position using a dot on one end to make it impossible for the cage to slip.

WTC Morse Cage Ti black water bottle cage made from titanium

In addition to the gold, WTC is now offering a black Cerakote finish as well. Spec-wise, the WTC Morse cage is almost identical to the Silca Sicuro Cerakote Black cage that was recently launched with a 32g weight, and an $84.95 price tag. Though the WTC cage does offer 11mm of additional vertical adjustment with the aforementioned benefits of the Morse mounting pattern.

WTC Morse Cage Ti gold cages on Otso fat bike

With both versions available now in limited quantities, the Morse Cage Ti LE Gold is slightly more expensive at $89.95 (and 1g heavier).

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K-Pop is dangerous to your health
K-Pop is dangerous to your health
11 months ago

Why should these colors be limited addition? You can get any of these finishes, especially Cerakote in any color, any quantity, all day every day. The hurry up and open your wallet because it’s limited cheeseball marketing schtick is wearing awfully thin. Either offer the color option or don’t!

11 months ago

It’s because *exclusive* is why! Tomorrow we’ll have a discussion with Token Poor Guy on how to make cycling more inclusive, but today is about excluding people.