Vigurvant tandem bicycle pedal extensions

Let’s say you have a friend. It’s a sad friend because they don’t have a bike of their own. But you’re a good friend. And you have a rack on the back of your bike. Fortunately, it’s a rack capable of holding 150 or more pounds. So you decide to let your friend ride on the back of your bike. After all, riding on the handlebars like we did when we were kids just isn’t safe as adults.

After a short while, you realize your friend is heavy. They’re making it hard to get around town. Basically, they’ve become a freeloader. If only there were a way to let them help you pedal…

Vigurvant tandem bicycle pedal extensions

Now there is – thanks to Vigurvant!

Vigurvant tandem bicycle pedal extensions

Simply fold out the metal extension on your Vigurvant pedals and they become a stoker. They’re in pre-production now and come out of Estonia. Axles are hardened cromoly with needle and ball bearings supporting the nylon platform. The fold out “peg” and locking mechanism are stainless steel. Weight is 640g per pair.

Retail is €39 and they’re taking preorders now.


  1. Scott on

    When I was touring Holland, I saw a dude in tails and a top hat with a lady on a ball gown on his rack. SHe had it all bundled expertly in her lap to avoid the wheels and chain.

  2. Vassilis K. on

    That would be an excellent gadget for a Tarantino splatter movie. Fold out metal extension could be a knife, scissors etc… well I’m just kidding.

  3. Vigurvant on

    Legal issues: carrying someone on rear rack is officially legal only in The Netherlands, but police don’t over-react in most counries. Some articles:
    Simple steel rack can handle easily more then 150lbs.
    Right now we put all our power to get the first pedals delivered in beginning of May, but in next weeks there will be section about all questions at
    We’ll try also to make the road, not splatter movie before Tarantino. It’s geting tight 🙂

    Things have went worst in Estonia 🙂


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