XLAB C-Fast Versadjust center-mounts your Garmin, Go Pro, or Wahoo on aerobars!

Xlab announced the C-Fast Versadjust, a new accessory mount made specifically for industry-standard 22.2mm aerobar extensions. It keeps your gadgets front-and-center, for easy and safe visibility while riding down the road.

While it may seem like a trivial device – or perhaps behind-the-times – aerobar mounting for accessories has remained a challenge. With mounting that’s perpendicular to a normal road bar and a unique clamp diameter, most of the standard accessory mounts simply will not work. Xlab has been committed to offering aerobar and triathlon-specific accessories for some time – and is even branching out into more adventurous niches.

The C-Fast Versadjust is made of machined aluminum, and weighs in at 38 grams. The adjustment arm extends up to 15mm, and tightens down in 5mm increments.

The standard model uses a quarter-turn mount, which Xlab says will work with most Garmin, Wahoo, and Cateye computers.

A GoPro edition adds a camera mount to the bottom.

The C-fast Versadjust is available now for $50 (standard version) or $55 (GoPro edition). Both include a 2-year limited warranty for the original owner.


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