Filed under “it’s about time”, the new Yakima CBX Solar roof cargo box adds a 36W/5V solar panel on top of 16 cubic feet of storage. Putting out of power, it’ll charge up camp lights, headlamps, phones, battery banks and more on your way to adventure.

How does it work?

The first question you probably have is “where does it store the power?” The answer is, it doesn’t. You’ll have to add a battery pack, or just stick your devices inside it while traveling to charge.

yakima CBX rooftop cargo box with solar panel closeup detail

Or, if you’re parked for a bit, just buy a really long USB cable extension and use it to power small devices in your campsite during the day. Perhaps the best use would be to keep a battery pack topped off while you’re out riding, hiking or padding so you’ve got full juice when the sun sets.

The solar panel is bonded to the top, so it won’t peel up or become dislodged. It’s rated for outdoor abuse, too, and should provide power for years. The nice thing is, if the sun’s off to one side of your car, you can open the lid and get more direct exposure while parked.

yakima CBX solar rooftop cargo box with solar panel showing USB power box on inside cover

Power is converted through a small USB port on the lid’s interior. Just route your USB cable through the clips attached to the lid to bring everything to the back of the box.

Yakima CBX Solar Specs, Dimensions & Pricing

yakima CBX solar rooftop cargo box with solar panel closeup details

Like the other new, non-solar equipped CBX rooftop cargo boxes (which come in 16ft³ and 18ft³ sizes), they feature an angular design to add rigidity. There’s a torque knob that makes them easy to install, with an audible click once each mounting point is tight enough. The knob then stores inside a slot in the box, out of the way. They mount to all standard vehicle cross bars, as well as those from third party manufacturers.

yakima CBX solar rooftop cargo box with solar panel

Dimensions are 83″x38″x14″, and weight is 60lbs. Crossbar mounting spread ranges from 24″ to 35.5″. Retail price is $1,299, availability targeted for early 2021. Now, if only it could warm up that rooftop shower system

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