Terrene tires just announced their latest tire, the Yipee Ki Yay. Perhaps a nod to one of the great Christmas movies of all time that holds its own year ’round, the Yipee Ki Yay is meant for everything from groomed snow, to ice, loose sand, and dirt. Meaning this is a fat bike tire that you can probably leave on your bike all year, even if you’re riding in a variety of conditions.

Terrene Yippe Ki Yay fat bike tire for 27.5" wheels

Calling it a ‘medium-width aggressive tire, the 27.5 x 4.3″ Yipee Ki Yay sits between their 27.5 x 4.0 and 4.5″ Cake Eater tires. Designed in partnership with Corvus Cycles (formerly known as Fatback bikes), the Yipee Ki Yay was built to be a sort of Goldilocks 27.5″ fat bike tire with plenty of flotation and grip without being too heavy or overly aggressive. “A tire like Yipee Ki Yay is ideal for riders that want one tire that will provide the performance they need all year long.” Said Terrene Designer Anders Broste. “Yipee Ki Yay is a set it and forget it tire, it’s a tire that inspires fun and confidence day in and day out.”

Terrene Yippe Ki Yay fat bike tire for 27.5" wheels

Equipped with 250 stud pockets per tire, the YKY can also be used in the iciest conditions. Tires will be sold both with and without studs, while the studded tires include Terrene’s Triple Traction studs for ultimate grip. Both versions are built with a 120 TPI Light casing with a folding aramid bead and are tubeless-ready. Claimed weight is 1,565g for the non-studded tire, and 1,640g with studs.

Terrene Yippe Ki Yay fat bike tire for 27.5" wheels


Terrene Yippe Ki Yay fat bike tire for 27.5" wheels

Leialoha Concetta Sousa-Sommo Fat Biking in Alaska

Tires are estimated to be delivered by late January, and pricing is set at $119 for the non-studded (but studdable) tire, and $199 for a studded tire.


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7 months ago

And still ugly WIDE Q-factor >200mm meaqning pain in the knees and hip joints… No thanks.

Ol' Shel'
Ol' Shel'
6 months ago

Tires don’t have a q-factor.