Zéfal is a French manufacturer of bicycle accessories, best known for their pumps, bags, racks, and small accessories. While bike lubricants and cleaners aren’t new to them, they just announced an expansion of their chain lube range, with wax and teflon-based options to suit any wet or dry conditions. They’re all even made in France, like 60% of all Zéfal products.


Zéfal Wet and Dry Bike Chain Lube

Zéfal isn’t new to bike cleaning and maintenance products, but the recent additions to the line represent a big shift. They come after three years of research, lab tests, and field tests – with the goal of offering specific lubes to suit any riding condition. All new lubricants also integrate an improved safety cap and drip application system.

Zéfal Pro Wet Chain Lube


Pro Wet is the original chain lubricant from Zéfal – originally called Pro Lube. They say it’s a long-lasting lubricant for all conditions, made from synthetic esters and anti-corrosive additives. It’s highly water resistant, and is even biodegradable. In a nutshell, this is the lower-cost version of their do-it-all chain lube.

Zéfal Pro Dry Chain Lube


Pro Dry is a wax-based lube that’s intended for (you guessed it) – dry and dusty conditions. It provides a layer of protection against wear, rust, and oxidation, while maintaining a clean and dry appearance for your chain.

Zéfal Extra Wet Chain Lube


Extra Wet is the new-and-improved version of Pro Wet, based on a patented technology from Zéfal. Following recent trends in automotive detailing, they say it uses ceramic particles to give an extra-long-lasting layer of durable protection. According to Zéfal,

“It greatly reduces friction through a layer of ceramic nanoparticles that increase
chain protection. This ceramic-reinforced, Teflon-based formula provides performance that is 15% better than lubricants made solely with Teflon. This highly effective lubricant is perfectly suited for cyclists on a variety of terrains (mountain bike trails, gravel paths, etc.) who are looking for long-distance performance while cycling through variable or even extreme weather conditions.”

Zéfal Extra Dry Chain Lube


Finally, the new Extra Dry formula is a a premium chain wax, said to offer the cleanest, quietest, smoothest-shifting performance in dry conditions. Using a water and wax base, it won’t last as long as the Extra Wet, but will stay cleaner in the dry – when you’re concerned with going full-bling.

All new Zéfal chain lubes are available now. The Pro versions sell for 6.95 € per 120 ml / 4 oz, while the Extra versions sell for 9.95 € per 120 ml / 4 oz. If you want to keep your drivetrain extra Pro, check them out at the link below.


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3 years ago


K-Pop is dangerous to your health
K-Pop is dangerous to your health
3 years ago
Reply to  Bob

Such insight and wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

3 years ago

I thought the Extra Dry Chain Wax is for all conditions, not just dry. That’s what it said in the description i’ve read, and in the bottle itself.