If you crave the flatter roads of Zwift’s virtual worlds, or just like variety, the cycling video game has a new world in store for you. Or more appropriately, a new world extension since the tropical and alpine world of Watopia now includes the desert.

Zwift through the desert with Watopia Fuego Flats expansion route

Called Fuego Flats, the new expansion is indeed flat with only moderate changes in gradient to keep things rolling. Introduced a year after the Alpe d’Huez inspired Ape Du Zwift, the Fuego Flats addition adds more options for triathletes and time trial specialists, or just anyone who wants a relatively flat cruise through the desert.

Zwift through the desert with Watopia Fuego Flats expansion route

As an extension of Watopia, Fuego Flats splits off from the island of Watopia and adds 20km of paved road through the not only the desert but areas that take inspiration from the California Super Bloom and more.

Open to Zwifters of all levels, Fuego Flats adds four new route options which link up with various parts of the Watopia world.

Full Route Info:

  • Tempus Fugit: 18.9km/11.7 miles, 99 feet
  • Tick Tock: 16.9km/10.5 miles, 174 feet
  • The Über Pretzel: 128.6km/79.7 miles, 7823 feet
  • Out And Back Again: 39.8km/24.7 miles, 1076 feet


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3 years ago

I can’t wait for the Super Mario 3 Giant Land, or Pipe Land extensions!

Nate Wengert
Nate Wengert
3 years ago
Reply to  virgil

All about that rainbow road