Reload messenger bag naming contest

Win a new __________________ messenger bag from R.E.Load just by giving it a name.  Technically, the lawyers will tell you you’re only getting a chance to win the bag by giving it a name, but whatever.  This new bag gives you what you’ve apparently bugging them for:  Lighter weight and a “buckle” strap like those other messenger bag companies have.

Here are the details to inspire your name-storming session:

  • Two sizes, a large one and a small one (need names for both)
  • Split strap design
  • Streamlined pocket construction
  • Pack cloth lining
Email your entries to “namethatbag (at)” and click here to read the official rules.  If they pick your name, you win one of these new bags.  Hurry, contest ends at 10am EST on Monday, Sept. 8.  The new split strap design will be offered as an option on their other messenger bags, too.

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