Wheeltags has two new sizes available, 60mm and Disc (shown), which joins their 16mm and 38mm sizes from Interbike.  Actually, they were showing these discs at Interbike this year, they just weren’t ready for retail.  Prices are $46/set for the 60mm and $225 per set for the Disc.

The decal material is flexible enough to conform to any shape, even to press into aero dimples on discs and rims, which you can see in the image above (top right of orange/blue).  To see more pics, check out our post from their Interbike booth here, or visit their website.

BTW, they weigh less than 2g per tag (38mm size, you would need six per side, 12 per wheel), so you’re only adding about 22g to 24g if you did an entire wheel.  Not a big weight penalty to look good.  Your hair gel probably weighs more than that.

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