From R.E.Load’s website: We are doing as much as possible to ensure that “gift” bags that are shipping to the continental United States will arrive by December 23rd. If you are about to purchase a bag that you need for the holidays (and this is applicable ONLY to bags that reside in the “limited edition” section or are marked for holiday delivery in the “collections” section) , please be sure to check the schedule below! If you have missed the deadline for your region, you must call us directly at 215-922-2018 so that we can properly process your order and ship it in time with the appropriate ups service.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20TH IS THE ABSOLUTE LAST DAY THAT WE WILL BE IN THE STORE!!! After that, there is NO WAY to order a bag for the holidays, even if you are willing to pay for overnight shipping, because we will not be here to process the order!

For our FREE ups ground shipping (in stock BAGS only):
– NY, NJ, PA, CT, DE, MD: order by 2pm Dec. 19th
– ME, VT, NH, MA, RI, OH, MI, IN, KY, TN, NC, SC: order by 2pm Dec. 18th
– WI, MN, IA, MO, IL, AL, GA, FL: order by 2pm Dec. 17th
– SD, WY, CO, AZ, OK, AR, LA, MS: order by 2pm Dec. 16th
– ND, MT, ID, TX, NM, UT, CA, OR, WA: order by 2pm Dec. 15th

For accessories, you must get the order in by 2pm on December 19th in order to receive it by the 24th!!!

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