soc09-cinelli_01 2009 SEA OTTER CLASSIC COVERAGE: Arguably one of the sweetest road bikes at Sea Otter is this Cinelli XCR, a 1420g stainless steel road bike with laser etched graphics, a Ti head badge and some other nifty features.  This particular bike comes only as a frameset for $4,600, but the one you’re looking at is the only one in the U.S. at the moment and belongs to the BTI / Cinelli rep.  The full shipment should be arriving within a couple of weeks, so have your shop contact BTI to place an order.

Hit “more” for some drool-worthy pictures and details.  Check out the seat post bolt…very unique!


The seat bolt screws directly through the seat stays for a minimalist look and solid clamping force.


The frame has “lostwax” dropouts, which refers to the larger round shell that provides a larger welding contact area for the stays.


The Cinelli head badge is etched out and made of Titanium.


The XCR runs a BB30 bottom bracket.  The frameset retails for $4,600 and includes frame, headset and fork.  According to our interview with Ezra from Fast Boy Cycles, Stainless Steel is crazy expensive, which probably contributes to the price.  The other factor?  It’s handmade in Italy.


 The fork is a Columbus Minimal carbon fork that weighs only 300g…their lightest fork and made just for this frame. The headset is a Columbus Carbon model.


The “official” story on the frame.  The custom sizing they mention will set you back an additional $500, but it includes air shipping to your door.


  1. Dale on

    High impact bike but the welding does not look up to the top USA builders’ standards. BTW, “Lost wax” is another way of saying investment cast…


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