Episode #3 now online!

Featuring an interview with Dirt Rag Magazine owner Maurice Tierney about their 20th anniversary of publishing, how they’ve come from a black-and-white, hand folded copies to one of the best independent cycling pubs around. We also talk about their new magazine, Bicycle Times.

Then, we chat with Eddie O’Dea, founder of 55nine Performance, a professional bicycle fitter in Atlanta that’s helped set up bikes for the Kenda Pro Cycling team and others.  He covers some of the misconceptions about self-fitting, why even non-racers benefit from a pro job and why he didn’t much care for our review of The Bike Fit Kit.

Download via iTunes, RSS or just listen while you work.


  1. My iTunes is getting a file not found type error when it tries to download the podcast(sorry not at the right computer at the moment to get the exact error message). Anyone else having issues?

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