specialized-logoEver think of something you’d like to ask the people behind the bike brands you ride and lust after?

Here’s your chance!

Nic Sims, Specialized’s Global Marketing Manager is off to le Tour for the next couple of weeks.  While he’s away, he’s invited you all to submit your questions to us…we’ll compile them and put them together for an interview.  No holds barred, ask whatever’s on your mind.   Just add your questions as a comment on this post and we’ll do the rest

All questions should be submitted by next Friday, July 3, for inclusion. Bring it on!


  1. I am interested in the Body Geometry products that you have. Do you have an internal ergonomics team that has developed the rider profiles for these products or do you work with someone outside? Is it possible to see some of the research and data that is behind the BG products to better understand the WHY of the fit? Thanks.

  2. – You have a wide range of models within your lineup, but would you ever consider creating an entirely separate brand identity for a particular archetype?

    – Specialized seems to have become a go-to brand for ‘non-bike’ consumers – with the Lance Armstrong effect wearing off people seem to associate Specialized with quality. What challenges does that present for you when it comes to convincing them to move up the price bracket?

    – Specialized has a history of being innovation-led (with trickle down from S-Works over consecutive years) – have you ever taken something to market to find it’s either failed to make an impact on consumers, or it’s just not sold in the volumes you’d hoped for?

  3. Hi,

    would you say that the ROVAL product line was (is) a failure (thinking about the Rapid Star wheels in particular)?
    To you plan to invest in R&D to follow the e-bike trend?
    How much of your marketing budget is dedicated to the mass market, beside the various team sponsorships etc. with which you essentially reach passionate cyclists (I guess)?

    Thank you,
    Yannig Roth from France

  4. Why has it taken Specialized so long to convert to 29er? Carbon 29er? Dual Susp. 29er? Fisher had the jump, now finally Scott is on board.
    How are the “pro’s asked/requested to give feedback about their team bikes? Do they do this monthly? weekly? are they required?
    What are the Pro’s required to do with the bikes if they leave the team? do they belong to Specialized or belong to the Team ownership?
    Would you call Specialized the “Honda” of the Bicycling industry? great re-sale, hold their value, cautious to change, slow change, not quick on your feet etc…
    I read the forums out there, is there any truth to the issues people are having with their ‘brain shocks’? is there a fail rate you might share? is this common for all suspension platforms? or not so common and it all has to do with set up and the buyer buying a bike that is “over their head” as far as technology/suspension and setup of these parts?
    Are there any other markets Specialized is looking to move into? you have bikes, clothing, shoes, cranks, forks, wheels – what’s next? A power measurement device?

    Thank you Nic,
    I love my Tarmac, my S-works road shoes and my S-works MTB shoes.

  5. Hi Nic,

    I’ve been riding an Enduro SL Expert for the last couple of years. I LOVE the bike, it’s balance and the e150 fork.
    Can you give me some insight into the changes you plan on making to this model for the future ?
    I need to plan these expenditures out as my CFO(wife) doesn’t like surprises ! 😉

    = Mike =

  6. How are you planning to compete with major brands like Giant and Trek as a large scale approach? What makes your brand identity unique to Specialized and how are you going to communicate that to your potential customers? Also, why don’t you sponsor as many grassroots teams as big brands like Trek?

  7. Hello Nic

    asked the question at the FAQ of the Spec. site but didn´t got an answer…….

    Specialized is working hard with the Globe (one less car program ) and are consernet about the environment but is Specialized planning for more ECO products?

    Waterbottles like the Biobottle from Elite or Cordo (100% biodegradable)
    or even helmets from environmental friendly Foam or even bio oil for suspension forks



  8. Hi Nic,
    our team would like to test a demo Tarmac SL3. What would be the best way, we need one for a few days since we have over 40 riders.
    We are interested in racing on the Tarmac next year.

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