After being put through its paces in the 2009 Tour de France by team Milram, Rudy Project has just released their new Wingspan aero helmet for time trialists and triathletes.  Designed by aerodynamics guru John Cobb, the Wingspan features a unique rear end houses tall vents to keep you from getting all hot headed.

Available in matte colors Black/Silver, White/Silver and Red/Blue/White, the Wingspan weighs in at just 280g, exceeds CPSC requirements and is lighter than Rudy Project’s previous model, the Syton. It includes Rudy Project’s R.S.R. 7 Disc retention system for single-handed on-the-fly adjustments and has ear covers incorporated into the helmet’s shell for maximum aerodynamics.

rudy-project-wingspang_white rudy-project-wingspang_black

Cobb, who has worked with Greg LeMond, Simon Lessing, Wilier Bicycles and many other pros and top brands, put the Wingspan through extensive wind tunnel testing and came up with the unique tail design to work well for all TT positions and back profiles, specifically the “flat” and “U” shapes most people display when tucked into an aero position.

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It includes a mesh front vent cover for use in a triathlon and a closed front vent cover for time trials. To further improve aerodynamics, the Wingspan comes with a removable tail cover that greatly reduces any turbulence created at the tail, an industry first.

MSRP is $300.00 USD.



Milram riders used the Wingspan during the team and individual time trials.  Shown here during the opening TT in Monaco.


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