Simbree Energy Bites are little nuggets of nutritional, natural energy food.  They’re made with real food that’s not adulterated with any processing, preservatives or added flavors…just real stuff that’s real good.

I tried them on several longer rides, including my ‘best road ride ever‘ and the trip to Carvens Cove where we shot most of the vid in the GoPro Hero review, and they kept me feeling strong and full.  I shared some with our other writers and the friends I rode with, and everyone seemed to think they were pretty good. One person commented they were a little dry, but, to be honest, his was the only opinion like that and I think they’re actually fairly moist.

They come in three flavors: Maple Walnut, Almond Pistachio and Cashew Coconut, all of which are delicious. They’re easy to eat while riding and on the road, you could just throw a few in your jersey pocket for easy access.  Besides being made of real, whole foods (like honey, oats, oat bran, cashews, etc.), most of the ingredients are Organic and there’s ZERO sodium (but lots of potassium!) in any of the three flavors.  Just make sure you’re suckin’ down some sports drink with sodium in it to keep your electrolytes up.

Hit ‘more’ to see the ingredients and nutritional info for each of the three flavors…

Simbree’s online store is through, where they sell for $38.43 for box of SIX pouches (about $6.40 each).  Each pouch is the equivalent of four typical energy bags, so that’s about on par with what four bars would cost.

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Rolled oats*, wild blackberry honey, ground peanuts*, oat bran*, brown sesame seeds*, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pistachios and brown sugar*.

* = Organic Ingredient



Rolled oats*, wild blackberry honey, walnuts, oat bran*, brown sesame seeds*, brown sugar* and pure maple extract.



Rolled oats*, wild blackberry honey, cashews, oat bran*, brown sesame seeds*, unsulfured coconut, brown sugar* and sunflower oil.


  1. gc on

    i have enjoyed simbree energy bars for over 2 years- and i have found it to be easy on my stomach and full of nutrition, and with a taste that is great and doesnt leave that medicine after- taste that many energy bars leave. Its the best i’ve seen.

  2. Cathy on

    I love Simbree Energy Bars for snacking. They are satisfying snack, that tastes really good without the quilt you get with candy and cookies, because they are a nutrious bar.

  3. Kimberly on

    I love the great taste of the Simbree bites, My favorite is the Cashew Coconut, I am not a huge breakfast eater, but love great taste and nutrition the bites provide.

  4. Yeller on

    The reason these bites are so good is that they aren’t too sweet, so you don’t get that yukky feeling eating enough to stave off hunger while riding. & I agree with other comment that they don’t have that weird aftertaste.

    I can go all day with these suckers in my bag! They are also the one ones my vegetarian kids will eat, & I am not a veg. I like the balanced nutritional profile.

    Ride on!

  5. John Riess on

    I’ve tried a score of the other energy bars or bits. They almost always are dry, difficult to swallow , and they taste like shoe leather. Simbree are moist, easy to eat, and great tasting. I have friends on Vancouver Island with whom I kayak and they always ask me to bring up some Simbree for the trip. Thy’re into it! and so am I.


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