UPDATE: This post is false…check our followup here.

Vivo, a brand that (from the best of our five minutes of Googling) has been defunct for a while, is bringing a new derailleur and shifter to Interbike, which it’ll be showing from within the Hayes Bicycle Group booth.

Called the Vivo V5 Enduro rear derailleur and SLS Shifter, they’ve not leaked much other than to say the shifter will be a unique, single-lever shifter.  That, and the derailleur is a 9-speed mountain bike model.  Note the cable entry placement…goes to the inside of the derailleur unlike other brands’ models.  And unless it’s really thin and hidden, I don’t see a spring, either. Hmmmm….

OK, we’ll bite.  We’ll see you guys at the big show.


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