INTERBIKE 2009Speedplay showed off what can only be called a close-to-production version of their new mountain bike pedal, the SYZR.  Other than what you can figure out for yourself from the photos (double sided entry, metallic springs, composite body), there’s not much to say about it since price, weight and release date are all very noncommittal.  Likely, you’ll see it sometime early next year and likely it’ll be worlds better than their current Frog mountain bike pedal which, from what they say, they have no plans of discontinuing.

Hit ‘more’ for photos of the cleat and more angles on the SYZR pedal…





  1. I dunno, I think it looks like a more stable platform. What I hate so much about eggbeaters is that they are never very stable as far as the upstroke. Hopefully these will be a gift from the heavens.

  2. This clearly appears to have rotational float, which frogs do not have. This may well make Speedplay a contender in the ‘cross pedal market. Clipping into frogs wasn’t reliable enough for them to be widely used in this way.

  3. The Frog is hands down the best mud pedal ever made. It never becomes obstructed by mud, and has very reliable entry. This is the only pedal I use for cross. If their new pedal is evan half as good as the frog, it will still be better then most. Speedplay has never “improve” upon an existing designs, they only develop different options. They have never discontinued a product that has come to production.

  4. I found the frog pedals somewhat slippery. the design is great for people with knee issues but they don’t have the security click in feel. also the cleats were a joke. as a messenger in college I ran through 4 sets of cleats. The egg beaters are a great design with fours sides, but watch out for the spring as mine just colapsed. Overall this new design seems to me a fusion between the two, not to mention that simple and cool looking cleat. Time will tell gents…..

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