Sotheby’s auction of Lance Armstrong’s race bikes from the past 12 months generated $1.3 million for the Livestrong Foundation.  The Damien Hirst-designed Butterfly bike (above) generated almost half of the total by selling for $500,000!

Hit ‘more’ to see each bike and the final bid price, and check our prior post for links to the PDF auction catalog that tells about each artist and their collaboration with Lance…


Yoshitomo Nara – Trek Speed Concept – Winning Bid: $200,000


Kenny Scharf – Trek Equinox TTX – Winning bid: $ 45,000

livestrong-armstrong-trek-newsonMark Newson – Trek Speed Concept – Winning Bid: $110,000

livestrong-armstrong-trek-faireyShepard Fairey – Trek Madone – Winning Bid $110,000

livestrong-armstrong-trek-stolenProject One – Trek Speed Concept – Winning Bid: $130,000

livestrong-armstrong-trek-kawsKaws – Trek Madone – Winning Bid: $160,000


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