Salsa just released their first official photos of the all-new titanium El Mariachi.  The full info release is yet to make it out of the company, but here’s what we  know:

  • Joe Meiser won Trans Iowa on a Ti prototype of this bike last year.
  • A new Steel version is coming, too, they’re finishing up the tooling for their tubesets.
  • Yes, they’re working on a single-speed version of the frame.
  • This first model is made for geared bikes.

The Titanium version keeps the sloping top tube of the current True Temper OX steel El Mariachi and shares the disc-only frame set, but this one gets front suspension rather than their rigid fork. Pricing, build kits, availability and even the graphics are yet to be finalized.  We’ll post as soon as we know more!  You can also follow Salsa’s blog, which tends to have these sorts of things on it.


  1. personally, I prefer steel. It is real. And, does any ever find that it is cheap? steel is cheap. I also prefer Lamborghini’s over Ferrari’s. Devonshire over coffee cream, and quinoa over rice.

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