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2010 Mavic Road and Triathlon Cycling Shoes

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Alongside their new 2010 R-SYS SL wheelset, Mavic was showing off some updated and new kicks for road and triathlon.

Above is the 2010 Mavic Zxellium Ultimate, featuring their Energy Full Carbon SL sole with a new Titanium cleat mountain bracket.  It’s not the lightest in their lineup (though it is pretty feathery), it’s the most full featured road shoe in their lineup.  At $450, it ain’t cheap, but you’re getting their new SL sole combined with their Ergo Strap Custom, Ergo Lite Ratchet and carbon heel cup (more pics after the break).

Hit ‘more’ to see the lighter Huez road shoe and some new Triathlon models…


The Energy Full Carbon SL sole is just 4mm thick. The Zxellium Ultimate comes in any color you want, as long as you want black.


Mavic’s Energy Lock full carbon heel counter saves 50% of the weight over injection molded heel cups (their claim) and looks sweet.


The 2010 Zxellium comes in Yellow or Yellow/Black.  Despite the worst-case photography situation of shooting bright yellow shoes under a bright yellow tent in full sunlight, the above photo properly approximates just how bright these things are in real life.

Mavic’s Ergo Straps solve the problem of velcro straps’ tendency to “mold” to one position and make it easier to micro adjust the fit.  The Zxellium’s use the Ergo Strap Custom, which lets you position the loop of the middle strap at various settings to customize the fit.


Other than the larger heel and toe grips, there’s not much visually to differentiate the Full Carbon sole from it’s SL brethren, but it’s a bit thicker.  The Zxellium retails for $300.


The Huez, named for the famous climb in the Tour, is their lightest road shoe.  Weighing in at just 195g  (8.5 UK), it foregoes the ratchet and stitching, using a synthetic seamless material that’s bonded to the upper.  This shoes feels like nothing in your hands…it’s light!  Thankfully, it still gets full creature comforts like a toe cap, insole with vibration damping material in the heel and anti-bacterial treatment.


The Huez has had the SL carbon sole, and it comes in Yellow and Yellow/Black (no more white?) and retails for $400.


The 2010 Mavic Tri Helium (yellow) and Tri Race (white) are two new models, which we’re guessing replaces the current Tri Pro.  They look very similar, but…


The Tri Helium uses a bonded, seamless upper and is very sleek and light.


Using feedback from pro triathletes, the Tri Helium incorporates a dual purpose heel strap.  The larger loop facilitates pulling the shoe on without having to fumble to get your fingers in the loop while trying to pull out of T1.  The smaller triangle loop on the inside is so you can use a rubber band to attach it to the rear QR or something to hold the shoe level when it’s clipped into your bike.  That way, the triathlete can hop on their bike and the shoe’s already positioned to slip your foot in easily.  We assume the rubber band breaks and snaps you in the Achille’s Heel much like a jockey whips a horse to get them going.


The Tri Helium gets the SL carbon sole and carbon heel counter, too.


The Tri Race uses a stitched, synthetic upper but has the same strap layout as the Helium.


It uses a stitched heel cup rather than the carbon heel counter and has a smaller, traditional finger loop.


The sole is Mavic’s Energy Alutex, an aluminum and nylon/glass fiber composite.  It retails for $200.

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