NAHBS 2010 – Sharing booth space with Calfee, Bamboosero is an offshoot (get it?) that trains Vietnamese builders to create sustainable bicycles using bamboo.  Craig Calfee trains them and Bamboosero sells them dropouts and the other hardware (including resin) needed to assemble the complete frame.  In return, Bamboosera buys back any complete frames that the builders want to seel them, but the builders are free to sell them locally as well.

Bamboosero’s profits are reinvested into training new groups to build bikes.  The bikes are pretty inexpensive, ranging from $495 for a fixie (shown after the break) to $695 for a cargo bike.  Check out the pics and some history and local flavor after the jump…


The bikes are put together using local fibers like flax and hemp, depending on the region.  Here’s the story on this bike (click image to enlarge for easier reading):





One of the most common questions overheard at this and other bamboo bike booths was “is it strong enough?”  Well, this cargo bike (middle) can carry up to 600 lbs:


The front bike is made in the Philippines. You can’t tell from this photo, but it curved outward and inward a bit as well as up and down. Here’s the builder’s info:



The simplest of bikes was the single-speed/fixed gear.  $495 for the frame.  All of the frames are pretty lightweight, too.

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