Giant has announced their (possibly the) first-ever women’s specific 29er mountain bike.  The Rainier pulls from their XTC 29er hardtail (which we reviewed here) by using shaped, lightweight ALUXX aluminum tubing, but the women’s version is decidedly low spec in comparison…but also much lower in price at $700.

Spec’d with an SR / Giant suspension fork with steel steerer, SRAM X4 8-speed shifting and Hayes MX-4 mechanical disc brakes, it’s aimed at women just getting into the sport, which seems an odd choice for a company that’s only recently jumped into the 29er market.

Michael Delano, Giant’s NC/VA/DC account exec, says “The idea is to price it in such a manner that helps get more women on a mountain bike and give newbies a bit of a performance advantage when riding with friends, boyfriends and hubbies that may be more advanced.  My (bike shop) customers love the affordability of this bike, and we think this will help get more people on 29ers and mountain bikes in general.”

In contrast to the spec, Giant gave the Rainier performance oriented geometry (70.5º head angle / 73.5º (average) seat angle) and a decent frame (ALUXX is straight tube aluminum versus the butted, lighter ALUXX SL), making the bike not just a great entry level performer, but perfectly upgradable as you get better.  And, fortunately, they put a 100mm travel fork, so the geometry is set for any number of lighter, better 29er forks, too.

It’ll start hitting stores first of April.


  1. Gillis on

    What’s next, a 29’r for kids? This is pointless. 29’rs are not proven to be any better than traditional 26″ wheels (there is not way to prove it). And to put a beginner on a bike with larger wheels that might be harder to maneuver, as well as being put at a higher center-of-gravity is ridiculous.

  2. Jeanie on

    I love riding this bike and I’m 5’3″. While the color isn’t the greatest, it rides great over roots, branches and off road trails. Besides, who cares about the color. Some days the bike is covered with mud. Yes it does give me the edge because I’m able to keep up with friends. Since I’m a female I personally prefer to ride a bike made for my body not a man. I’ve toned up and lost weight riding this bike. Great workout!


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