It amazes me that anyone capable of making it to a major television station media company is ignorant enough to say the absolutely awful, criminal and just plain stupid things that ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser said.

On March 11, Kornheiser ranted about cyclists using newly appointed bike lanes in Washington, DC, and actually suggested that people “Run ’em down”.

Thankfully, Lance Armstrong will be on the show tomorrow, via Twitter:

@lancearmstrongListening to Tony Kornheiser’s comments/rant on ESPN radio re: cyclists. Disgusting, ignorant, foolish. What a complete f-ing idiot.

@lancearmstrong – …just off the phone w/ Tony Kornheiser who’s very sorry 4 his comments re: cyclists. Going on the show 2morrow 2 discuss this w/ him.

Unfortunately, these idiots are smart enough to know that such polarizing comments are going to attract a mass of people that agree with them regardless of the laws, rights and common human decency. Spawning the ire of all cyclists everywhere and the almighty Lance Armstrong and like any good modern day issue, you can now join a Facebook Group: ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser on road cyclists – “run ’em over”. We don’t think so!

The real test will be to see what happens next.  Kornheiser received a two-week suspension in February for criticizing morning SportsCenter host Hannah Storm’s fashion sense.  By that scale, he should be fired for publicly recommending that drivers break the law and recklessly and carelessly endanger other people’s lives.  At the very least, I hope Lance tears him a new one.

Send your comments to ESPN’s management on this form.  Kornheiser’s show starts at 10am EST M-F, tune in tomorrow here, then hopefully never again.

Thanks to BikeCarson and CraigRutledge for bits of this post.


  1. I thought they got rid of “Kornholer” after he was fired from Monday Night Football? Now the idiot resurfaces! Loser.

  2. It’s illegal to ride bikes on the sidewalk. They are for pedestrians, not vehicles. What’s with all the bike hate? If there weren’t bikes on the road, there’d be way more traffic, cars would take even longer to get from place to place, gas would cost even more, and everyone’s worse off. Is it that hard for cars to share the road?

  3. “Am I wrong in this?”
    Yes you are you ignoramus. What a troll! He is getting the publicity he wanted with his retarded rant.
    Enjoy the backlash, imbecile.

  4. Yes you are wrong……Mr Kornheiser. Maybe if this “Super Power” of a nation had more of its citizens riding their bikes like china…we would be a healthier freakin nation – You are wrong and a F&#king idiot!!

    I hope I never see you in a parking lot mate – you may get run over yourself….A-hole

  5. I am deeply offended by Tony Korheiser’s incredibly insensitive & indeed, dangerous & murderous comments. Have cared for several bikers hit by cars, plus seen several killed and recently having my son hit & almost dying by a car with the driver on his cell phone I feel particularly incensed by his rant. FOR SHAME!

  6. If you want to cause him pain – hit the ESPN website feedback form..

    pick the management link, and advise them you are looking for cause for legal action.

    or, better yet use a class action form letter and send that.

    It’s amazing how serious their legal counsel gets.

  7. can I sue ESPN if some idiot tries to run me over? ESPN should get rid off this liability (Kornheise) before it’s too late.

  8. Sent my comment to ESPN, not just for the “run them over” stuff, which is appalling but easy for him to write off as a moment’s carelessness. No, it’s the rest of his and his studio-mates’ attitudes that really tell the story – “the road is for cars”…”get the hell out of my way.” Kornheiser’s apology doesn’t change a damn thing – he still thinks like that, and plenty of other people do too. ESPN needs to hear the message that there are lots of bikers out there too and we’re tired of being treated like non-entities by an autocentric society.

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