skydecomp custom yeti 575 asr titanium full suspension mountain bike

Let’s say you love the Yeti 575.  Let’s say you love Titanium.  ‘Why, oh why can’t Yeti just make their bike in Ti?’ you lament through many sleepless nights.

Lament no more.  Skyde, a small French builder has created a replica 575 in Ti using a Yeti rear end.  Yeti suspension triangles are common (as are Ventana) among small builders that can’t or don’t want to fabricate their own rear suspension stays and joints, and Skyde claims they’re the first to mate one to a Titanium front end that’s a replica of Yeti’s 575 front end.

Besides being available in custom sizes as a complete frame, it’s also the perfect upgrade for people who went ahead and bought a Yeti despite the unavailability of a Ti front end.

Check it out in more detail on their website (Google Translate link here).  More pics after the break…


Check out the brushed detail on the headtube and front of the top- and downtubes (above and below).  At first glance it made the tubes look more hydroformed.




  1. That’s not true. Kent Erikksen has been making a full suspension 575 for more than half a year. I have the second one he ever made. Manufactured in November of 2009.

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