Want to show off that “epic” training ride to your friends? A new GPS-based mobile phone application, called MapMyTracks, allows users to track their progress and location and publish it to the web, but it’s the first of its kind to allow users to upload data in real time.

The program, which is offered as an app compatible with over 100 mobile phones, (including an iPhone specific app called OutFront,) tracks users’ GPS locations from their mobile phones and then uploads the tracked data to the MapMyTracks server as soon as the phone has 3G wireless coverage.

Your training buddies or even a coach can then watch the ride via MapMyTracks.com in real time online, tracking speed (average and max), elevation gain, activity time, and location, including latitude and longitude coordinates. If users leave a 3G zone, the application tracks all the same info and immediately updates it upon getting 3G coverage, so none of the ride is lost.

Multiple devices can be viewed simultaneously by viewers at home, so the application can also be used at races or other events to tracks teams or competitors., as long as they are carrying a GPS and 3G enabled device with the application downloaded and running.

The application can be downloaded by connecting your mobile phone to www.mapmytracks.com/install or visiting here on your computer to download the application and manually install it to your mobile phone via Bluetooth or a data cable. The iPhone specific application, called OutFront, can be dowloaded for $2.99 from the iTunes app store. Basic tracking services require no monthly subscription, but MapMyTracks does offer premium monthly paid services for users looking for a little extra.

This page has a drop down menu of supported phones if you are wondering if your phone can run the application. The image above shows what the mobile content looks like. See a screenshot of the “at home” viewer after the break (click on the screenshot for a larger view.)



  1. I have a Motorola Droid and this is not going to work on that phone as of yet. Unless your phone is listed in their drop-down box, just move on to any one of hte existing ones and wait for them to get to your phone. You’d have to be more of a tech genius than me, and I have been dinking with computers and such since 1982.

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