SEA OTTER CLASSIC 2010 – For 2011, Specialized is dropping their Fuse series of BMX bikes and putting their effort behind the P-Series bikes, including this new 24″ model, creatively named the P24.

The P-Series will consist of a P20, P24 and P26, with the first two looking and costing the same at $500.  They’ll have a fully rigid Reynolds steel frame with virtually no logos or branding save for a small Specialized logo in white at the front of the top tube.  They’ll include the Rhythm tires and a hollow 3-piece crankset with clear pedals and seat and a smattering of house brand parts making up the cockpit.

Doesn’t look like they’re jumping on the 22″ bandwagon yet.  The current P3 model becomes the P26 and will probably remain available with suspension, disc brakes, etc., but we’re confirming and will update.

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  1. So is the bike actually going to come with a Sunday fork, or was that just because Sunday makes a 24″ dirt jumper and offers the fork aftermarket? Are they going to rock a 20″ still or are they killing BMX off all together? I feel that Specialized should return to the BMX racing world with a couple models, as they were DAMN GOOD when they had them.

  2. This bike won’t come with a Sunday fork. Like I said earlier, this bike was an early prototype and I scavenged whatever parts I could to test the frame.

    Thanks for the feedback on the BMX racing bikes,

  3. Al, maybe Nic was a little jetlagged from his Euro racing rounds, but that’s what I had in my notes. Glad to hear there will continue to be a full line of P-series DJ and urban assault bikes.

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