Photo c. Zach Vestal for VeloNews
Photo c. Zack Vestal for VeloNews

Velo News Tech Editor Zack Vestal snapped a picture of these interesting pedals from Speedplay today before the third stage of the Tour. No details other than they are currently pro only, and specifically designed for the Classics. So far Andy Schleck is apparently the only one to be riding them.

Check out all of the special cobble bike tech at today’s Tour stage in Zack’s article on VeloNews.

In yet another stage filled with crashes Saxo Bank rider Frank Schleck gets the worst and ends up victim to the cobbles of the North of France. After going down on the toughest section of cobbles of the day, Frank rolled to the side of the road and did not get up. Reportedly Frank has broken his collarbone in 3 places, and is undergoing immediate surgery to repair the damage. So clearly Frank’s tour is over, although brother Andy and Fabien put in a great ride to finish in the lead group.


  1. I worked for Speedplay when the Zero pedal was introduced. I remember Richard Bryne had been working on a scaled down version of it, and he had hopes of it being a ‘classics’ specific pedal. That was quite a while though, so I wonder what the hold-up has been?

    • Cool, thanks for the comment Yanksfan… It’s interesting to know that it’s apparently been in development for a while, but he does seem to take his time. The Syzr pedal was first shown almost two years ago and still isn’t quite in production. As a long time Speedplay road pedal user, though, it’s hard to argue with results, even if they do take a while to come about.

  2. Not sure if this is a slightly different version but these “bowtie only” Speedplays have been around for several years at the classics and used by several riders.

  3. Stuart O’Grady won Paris-Roubaix on them in 2007 with Team CSC. Everybody flipped about them then. They come out for the Classics every year, and then disappear.

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