Salsa has finally pulled the trigger on their first snow bike, the Mukluk. Tested in their hometown in Minnesota as well as Alaska, it was honed on both snow and trails littered with flood debris, soft sand, etc.

The geometry is focused on comfort, with a tall headtube and lower sitting position to make it easier to dab and start/stop. The handling is intentionally slow to make the bike more stable at low speeds, but Salsa says it can still do quite well when it gets going fast.

Click more to see some prototypes and action shots…

This is Snowflake. The other unpainted steel prototype was aptly named Rustflake.

Testing the bike on flood debris proves a snow bike’s benefits move transcend the white stuff. Read more of the inspiration behind this bike on Salsa’s blog.

You can also lace up some 29er rims to the wider snow hubs and use it as a regular bike in the “on” season. No specs or pricing are available quite yet.


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