Sure, evil robots are bad. But good robots make beautiful things like the BMC Impec, and when they’re color blind, they come up with even more beautiful things like the Noble Edition.

This pure matte black version of the 2011 BMC Impec was released at the same time as their Team Edition and is the same frame raced by Cadel Evans and George Hincapie throughout the year, but we just got our hands on some nice, big photos and wanted to share.

The closeups after the break show the carbon weave in great detail and we left ’em nice and big if you care to click ’em…

The budget busting top of the line Dura-Ace Di2 model is by far the best looking with the 2011 Mavic carbon wheels…now if only Shimano would make some matte carbon cranks and blacked out rings…

Below that there’s a standard Dura-Ace model, and Campagnolo and SRAM Red bikes are also available, as is a frameset.

Check this post for specs and details, and this post for video of how robots make the frame.


  1. This is proof that wikileaks had/released classified info on the steath fighter. Coincidence that a Swiss company ended up with it before everybody else?

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