problem solvers bike parts bb30 eccentric bottom bracket ebb adapter for singlespeed

Thanks to Jason for sending the link to this: Found at Frostbike by Halter’s Cycles, the Problem Solvers E46 BB Adapter lets you run a singlespeed drivetrain using a standard crankset inside a BB30 PressFit30 (PF30) shell. The eccentric design tightens up chain slack, so you can basically take any BB30 frame with standard vertical dropouts and convert to singlespeed.

As more and more frame builders move to this standard (and we think they should given the availability of adapters to then run anything you want), your options should continue to grow. The E46 Adapter will be available in June 2011 for $150. Oh, and we’re pretty sure the folks at Problem Solvers are at least a little crazy. Check out the wooden rollers they brought to the show for proof, right after the break…

UPDATE: As the folks from Team Beer pointed out in the comments, this is for PRESS FIT 30 BB shells only, which was just clarified by Problem Solvers today in a press release, posted after the break:

PRESS RELEASE: Due to the ever-changing industry standards and lack of standardized language, there’s been some confusion as to what our E46 bottom bracket does, and what it works with. The release should explain it’s intended use, but here’s a few key points:

  • The E46 fits shells that are 46mm in diameter. This is the same diameter as accommodates SRAM PressFit BBs
  • This IS NOT compatible with BB30 bottom bracket shells. Those shells are 42mm in diameter.
  • The E46 accepts 24mm spindle cranks commonly used in external bottom brackets
  • This combination allows for 16mm of fore/aft adjustment to add/remove tension from the chain

homemade wooden bicycle rollers for training on the cheap

Actually, the rollers were in Surly’s booth, but PS’s Sean was crazy enough to try them. They also had this freebie for stopping by the booth:


  1. I’m sorry, but your article simply isn’t true. BB30 and PressFit 30 are different standards. Yes, they both use cranks with 30mm diameter spindles, but
    BB30 has 42mm diameter shell, and PressFit 30 has 46mm diameter shell.
    This adapter won’t work on frames with BB30 bottom bracket, but this one:

    is going to work just fine.

    Next time, get your facts straight.

  2. A couple points of clarification:

    Ojos Azules is right. The E46 will be compatible only with frames that have a bottom bracket shell ID of 46mm, which is designed specifically for the SRAM PressFit 30 standard. However, Tyler should be forgiven—between BB30, PressFit30, BB86/91 and everything else out there (and the lack of consistent terminology) in the bike industry it can be hard to keep track.

    Jason is incorrect in saying “Team Beer originally designed this,” because their design is for a different standard.

    As difficult as it may be to believe, the Problem Solvers designer on this project arrived at the prototype without having ever seen the Team Beer converter. We presented him with a challenge and some criteria: PF30 BB shell, 24mm crank arm spindle, ability to adjust chain tension, keep MSRP reasonable. The E46 the result. If those same criteria were given to 5 different designers, you’d probably end up with 5 nearly identical prototypes because the criteria drive the result

    I’m stoked to know that there are some folks interested in this. Other than the Blackout “tool,” the E46 prototype got the most interest of any of the items in our Frostbike booth. I’ll keep y’all posted as to when it arrives in stock and ready for sale.

    -Chris (from Problem Solvers)

  3. Interesting that PS can’t beat the price of Team Beer’s unit which is made in small quantities in the USA and utilizes the best bearings in the industry along with quality hardware.

    Different standard my eye. It’s ridiculous to not say it’s the same part. Pardon the doubt, but you’d probably save face a bit better by admitting.

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