• Rotor has launched their Q-Ring Starter Guide to help newcomers set up and adapt to their elliptical chainrings. It’s available for download on the Manuals page on their website.
  • Seems BMW is joining Range Rover and other car manufacturers in offering a bicycle. Sign of the times, we hope…after all, gas in downtown Washington, D.C., during Urban PressCamp was $4.45 per gallon for regular! They also offer a couple of mountain bikes. The enduro model, after the break, has an alloy frame and a very FSR looking suspension design. It’s got 140mm travel, and they offer an XC model with 100mm. Normally we’d scoff, but heck it’s got a full Shimano drivetrain and Fox fork and shock.
  • Word is Toray, one of the largest carbon fiber manufacturers, has suffered damage to their factory and inventory from the earthquake and aftermath in Japan, which may drive up carbon prices in the very near term. If you’re pining after a carbon bike, you may wanna pull the trigger sooner rather than later…or at least get your order in now for that 2012 model at current pricing.
  • Related, Rapha is organizing a series of worldwide charity rides to hlep the victims of the earthquake, tsunamis and nuclear fallout. The growing list of rides are on their website, or find one locally using their Rapha Rendezvous iPhone app, and were inspired by their Japanese agent Mr. Daisuke Yano who organized Rapha Continental-like rides there to explore the mountain and coastal biways and backroads by bicycle. Donate $10 at the ride and Rapha will match it 100%.
  • The New Amsterdam Bicycle Show in NYC on April 30 has a growing list of exhibitors and is giving away a bike via raffle. To enter, simply buy your admission ticket online.
  • The Second Annual Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival is taking place April 9th and 10th, 2011 in downtown Aptos, California. Proceeds will help build a permanent Bike Park there. Promo video and info here.
  • Nana’s Wish is raising funds to buy a special family a Buddy Bike. This is the 3rd bike they have funded and Buddy Bike is giving them a special discount to help them reach their fundraising goals faster. Learn and help here.
  • This year’s RAAM will have the first-ever HIV positive team competing. The 4-person Team HIV4Hope will be racing the 3,000 mile coast-to-coast event to raise awareness about living a full life with HIV.

bmw full suspension mountain bike

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