sram cyclocross chainring prototypes

SRAM showed off this prototype cyclocross chainring stating that “‘cross is a growing part of their business plan.”

The new cyclocross chainrings will have all of the ramps and pins of their road rings to facilitate quick, easy shifting, but built with more windows to allow mud, grass and debris to fall away quicker and be washed out easier. They’ll have only a 46/36 pair with 110BCD at launch this summer, with more sizes and ratios coming in the future. Closeup pics of both sides shown after the break…


This one’s a bit unrefined, but the size of the windows cut into the ring are pretty big. Presumably, they’ll fit any SRAM 110BCD crankset, but the “growing part of our business” hint suggests more ‘cross specific things could be coming sooner rather than later….we’re hoping for a chiseled out XX-style Powerdome cassette!


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